Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dillish and Nando Fight and Make Up

Uh-oh is Dillish and Nando's friendship on the rocks? The two former Diamonds spent a good portion of the night airing out their differences.

From the looks of things, today's comical court session had some not so funny consequences. The Namibian was not impressed by Nando sharing in front of everyone that she had jokingly touched his penis.

She felt that he was being inappropriate talking about things that are real during a joking court session. "You come in the shower and touch my boob and I laugh because it is just a joke. I didn't go around sharing that with everyone," said Dillish.

The Namibian told her buddy that the reason that their friendship has changed is because she doesn't know if she can just joke around with him anymore without knowing if he will take things personally. She said: "That's why I only want to chill with Melvin, because I know that he will just laugh about things".

Meanwhile Nando said that he was not happy with Dillish assuming that he takes things personally without asking him. "I hate when you make me feel like sh*t," said the Tanzanian.

In the end, the two both agreed that they still like being friends and they went back to their playful ways; laughing and joking with one another.

By Lihle Jacobs


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