Friday, July 19, 2013

Eating Responsibly

Now that both Houses have lost their Wager, food is going to become scarce for the next few days hence the Ruby’s decision to eat responsibly so that the food they have now will tie them over till next week.

Just before they slept, Sulu, Cleo and Angelo were discussing the issue of food and understandably so because some of the Housemates eat more than others.

Natasha used to complain that some of her fellow Housemates eat even if they are not hungry and some would waste food by first opening this, leave it opened and open something else. But she always felt that she had no grounds to be limiting people from eating and wasting food because that was not her House.

I bet you the Housemates are now thinking about Natasha especially now that they won’t be eating as much as they are used to. When Cleo suggested to the two gentlemen to decrease their food intake, Angelo said the only way he knew how to be responsible with food was eating period, so you know he wasn’t committing to eating less. Sulu agreed with Cleo, if they don’t eat less they will run out of food before they can get more.

Do you think the Chasemates will have enough food till next week?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


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