Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who's Hole Is Bigger?

What had started out as group members working together on the Close Up smile Task ended up as a vague and indirect sex talk. Clearly this is becoming a huge problem in Biggie’s House but I guess the Housemates feel that if they can’t have it, they can very well talk about it…all the time.

Elikem was looking for the scissors he was using to cut his project when Dillish started the whole conversation by saying her hole is too big. When she realised what she had just said, she quickly changed her statement to ‘this mattress hole is too big’. From there the fire had started spreading because Busi then told Elikem that her hole is small to which the Ghanaian stud asked around the room whether anyone wanted to find out how big or small Busi’s hole is.

Dillish then wanted to know whether they were talking about the same mattress hole she was talking about because she was getting a bit confused. Obviously she was trying to play with both Elikem and Busi’s minds because she had initiated this chat but was now feeling side-lined because Elikem was engaging Busi and not her. You have nothing to worry about Dillish, you’re already beautiful so you win this one by default.

Do you think Busi was flirting with Elikem when they had this conversation?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Busi feels Elikem

  2. Yes, she even told him he is de love of his life.

  3. This Busi lady is annoying...