Saturday, July 13, 2013

Elikem Raises The Love Bar

After playing between Pokello and Fatima for weeks indecisively, Elikem seems to have had his love path chosen by providence since Fatima was eliminated.

The stage has been automatically set for himself and Pokello to develop their affection and they are not slacking at all!

Elikem seems to know exactly how to woo a good woman, no indecent scandalous acts, just straight out lovey dovey and sweet nothings. Isn’t that what all ladies want in a man? Sensitivity and cute moves.

The romance between Pokello and homeboy Elikem has been on  and off for awhile but the genuine searing attraction between them can never be ignored. Like moth to a flame, through fights, breakups and quarrels, somehow they and those around them have never doubted this particular two and they always end up back in each other’s arms.

On Sunday when Fatima left, I asked if these two now have the freewill to pursue their attraction?

Well yes, and as they remain the only couple in the Ruby house, they have taken every chance to get close and form a stronger bond; whispering and cuddling late into the night and even talking about babies!!! Has Elikem been bitten by the Love Bug? Really deep I must say.

Elikem as much as prayed with Pokello over her back ache and then they proceeded to tease, play and chat. Maybe Pokello will be visiting Ghana after the Big Brother House?

By Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri / GhanaCelebrities

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