Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elikem's Assistant HoH

Elikem has decided to give Zambian Housemate Cleo a taste of power.

After struggling to win the Head of House title since the game began, Cleo finally has a bit of power. Elikem has decided to make the sexy rapper his Assistant Head of House. This morning, Elikem went into the Diary Room to get Big Brother's Task Brief.

When he had finished reading it, the Housemates asked the Ghanaian to read it again for clarity. Instead of doing as requested, Elikem introduced Cleo as his assistant and then asked her to do the honours.

The Zambian happily stepped up to the plate and read slowly and with clarity, smiling all the while. Cleo and Dillish are the only Housemates who have never been Head of House before.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. woawww that's nice of Elikem......bravo boy

  2. Angelo hasnt been HOH either!

  3. Das my boy. Pokello's azonto boy.

  4. Kini big deal???

  5. Love in sharing is the big deal

  6. Zambia is saying thanks to Elikem.. go mama cleo go