Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Emeralds Starting To Crack

The Emerald Housemates entered The Chase with the sole mission to shake things up in the House. However, with the tension growing between them they may be heading for failure.

“Cracks are beginning to show,” Jazz told Biggie in today’s Diary Session. She says some Emeralds are beginning to get on everybody’s nerves and that maybe the original Chasemates “may be starting to smell a rat”.

JJ also raised some concerns after his conversation with Feza, Oneal and Bimp last night. “There was still a hint of doubt but I think they may have warmed to the idea that we are real now,” he said.

When asked if she thought the bond between the Emeralds was still strong, Busi was far from convincing. “Um…the bond exists…to a certain extent but now that there are other personalities, Sophie and I have clicked and moved away from Alusa and Jazz and JJ is on his on mission,” she told Biggie.

“Relations are not good at all,” a frank Soffie said.

She revealed that Busi and Jazz are not talking to each other and that Eveva had clashed with most of them.

In the wee hours of this morning, Eveva was up cleaning the kitchen and singing gospel music loudly. “It was so early Biggie, I’m pretty sure not even God was up at that hour,” Jazz said jokingly.

All the Housemates were highly annoyed by the Zambian’s early morning antics but she says it’s all part of her game plan. Although Jazz thought she had a great strategy, she admits that some Emeralds may not understand it as such.

This became obvious when JJ confronted her earlier today asking her to take medication if she had a problems sleeping.

Earlier today, Alusa and Jazz had a conversation about how Busi does not respect people’s property and how childish her response was when she was confronted about using Jazz’s facial scrub without permission.

In her Diary Session, Busi said she found some Housemates to be selfish . “I don’t understand them, people just don’t know how to share,” she said referring, no doubt, to the facial scrub.

Will these cracks blow their entire mission out of the water?

Jazz is hopeful that they will be able to “keep our cool until the final reveal”.

What viewers have been saying about the Emeralds

@HoneyBeebii - The emerald are fun tho, singers, dancers,just loving the j.j, sophia, beverly live band session lol @BigBroAfrica #BBATheChase

@jud_dude - Smh these Emerald HMs came with their own drama Shuu!!! #bbathechase

@WendyElibeth998 - @On_AirP #BigBroAfrica RT am loving jazz she's cute and cool #BBATheChase

@princesskaima - Anabel getting more attached to Alusa busi nd Jazz is a pity gal u re mingling wit d fake pple #BBAThechase

By Qhakaza Mthembu


  1. Biggie when will their mission end? Naija Clor-POCOBIA wants to learn

  2. Abeg make dem go dis sunday plz