Sunday, July 07, 2013

Emotional Day Ahead

After a rocking party last night, the Chasemates prepare for an emotional day ahead.

In case they had forgotten that someone's Chase race is coming to an end tonight, the appearance of hairstylist drove that point home, albeit in stylish fashion.

After sleeping in for most of the morning, the Nominated Housemates caught some sun in the make shift salon in the garden where they got new hair styles. Fatima elected to revive her trendy Mohawk, while Selly got a new weave.

Elikem kept a close watch as his head was being shaved for his close up with the camera tonight. The Ghanaian hunk is currently commander in chief in the Ruby House and will have to reveal his 'Save and Replace' decision to his fellow Housemates.

Selly on the other hand seemed to be in great spirits as she laughed and cracked jokes, while getting her hair styled.

Angelo, Bimp, Cleo, Fatima, Hakeem, Nando & Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week. Who do you think is getting the boot tonight?

By Ngeti Dlamini