Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eveva Gives Sulu Another Swedish Massage

The friendship between the two Zambians Sulu and the vivacious Emerald chick Eveva seems to be growing stronger every day. They are possibly the only two who have connected since the Emeralds joined The Chase. Eveva could easily be Sulu's personal masseuse because she gave him a massage yesterday too.

All Sulu had to do this morning was moan about his sore arm and back, Eveva was all too happy to have him lay down on the couch and climb on top of him. “This is called a Swedish massage,” she said as she rubbed down her fellow country mate who was all smiles at the hands of this beauty. Selly never gave him this royal treatment because she was always busy with other people, so Sulu must be feeling like the king that he now is.

Sulu gave off a few moans as Eveva worked his back from the shoulder down and you could tell that Sulu was at ease. She went on to give him a head massage as well as a shoulder rub to relieve the tension on his arm. Eveva is proving to be a good Housemate, especially to Sulu who hasn’t had much luck in the love department. Hopefully Eveva will put a permanent smile on Sulu’s face.

Could this be a budding friendship or possible alliance? Tell us what you think.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. See d luk on sulu's face.eveva or wat his ur name pls don't kill sulu lol!!!!!!!!original prosti frm lusaka