Friday, July 12, 2013

Fatima To Cook At Natasha's Restaurant

Evicted Malawi's representative at this year's Big Brother Africa - The chase Fatima Nkata has volunteered to cook at Natasha Tonthola's restaurant situated at Area 13 in Lilongwe.

She revealed this at a press briefing held after her arrival from South Africa where she participated in the reality show.

Fatima's offer comes amid talk that she seemed to have been sidelining and gossiping about Natasha whilst in the BBA house the worst being that she told other housemates that she (Natasha) got lost at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

Fatima said much as people seem to be accusing her of hating her country mate (Natasha), she really feels connected to her adding that she will go to Lilongwe to meet her people and get to know her better.

"I had a real connection with her but unfortunately it wasn't highlighted on camera," she said.

Fatima added: "The fact that people have been spreading such rumours shows the kind of pressure I had. Everyone expected me to bring the money."

She pointed out that she was deliberately not sticking together with Natasha because if they became so close, they would have been targeted for nomination which would have resulted in splitting votes from Malawi.

She strongly said Natasha has a high chance of winning since she is playing her game right even though other housemates may seem to underestimate her.

"She is highly entertaining but if given a chance, I would advise her not to succumb to her feelings of not being in the house," she said.

Fatima described her stay in the BBA house as a life changing opportunity for her since she has learnt a lot of lessons to live with other people and have a sense of belonging to a group.

"I have learnt to live with a bunch of strangers in the same house. I was that kind of person who would just be in my room on my laptop but now I value the importance of making friends," she said, urging Malawians to vote for Natasha if she is to win the grand prize of $300,000.

During Fatima's eviction, Natasha passionately cried for Fatima but Fatima seemed not to care much and in the end said: "Can somebody take care of this." a statement which many attributed to her hatred for Natasha.

Fatima however, clarified that she meant that situation and not otherwise because she is glad Natasha is now carrying the country's flag.

By Josephine Chinele / Malawi News Agency


  1. Naija-Clor-Pocobia wishes her all the best

  2. I hated u Fatima, @ least u r nw out f the house n gv Pokello n Ellikem some space, don't cook @ Natasha's coz u myt jus poison pple jus 2 bring hour buzz down

  3. Now that Fatima you are out,all hope is on you Tasha cary our flag high go Nata go Tasha!!!!!!