Monday, July 01, 2013

Feature: The Art Of Surviving Eviction!

It's time for the Housemates to dig deep into their strategy pockets as The Chase gets more complicated. After seeing the man of the House, Bolt taking the walk of shame it dawned on the Housemates that none of them is invincible.

The one guy that was confident that he would make it to the end took a bow tonight which really scared the Housemates. Another element of the Eviction Show that had them gasping for air was the fact that Natasha survived yet another chop making it her fourth victory, which is something none of them can even fathom how she does it, including herself.

Another shocker was how Maria could survive so many Nominations then leave on her first strike, after she had been put up by the HoH.

For some, it's been a sail through the lucky lane. The likes of Pokello, Annabel, Elikem, Hakeem and Dillish have been Saved by Africa on two occasions which means they, alongside Natasha, are doing something right or have been pitted against weak contenders.

Then there are still some Housemates who have never tasted being up or possible Eviction. They don't know how it feels o wait patiently for IK to utter the words; "You're safe!" on a Sunday night. These are Angelo, Bassey, Beverly, Bimp, Cleo, Fatima, Melvin and Sulu. Though some of them have been up for possible Eviction and been saved by the HoH, others have somehow managed to doge the dagger all together.

Will they survive Eviction once the dagger strikes them or will they call it quits just like Maria?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. I pity Bolt he was so confident and did not continue with his real game rather he was toying with ladies emotions. Anyway shaa it was his strategy but ladies did not like this

  2. blot jst had to go he had over stayd . .up nxt i want faze dey ib da same family of wantn others to fill dem .....

  3. Natasha don't nominee them today,just put yourself up!coz will be there as ways! Africa will save you again!shame on them!!

  4. Natasha we will continue saving you!as for the rest of fakes housemates NEVer

  5. Bolt I don't mind go home