Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feature: Beverly Wants To Know More Of Angelo

People, this is getting serious, Beverly is taking her relationship with Angelo to another level and very serious.

Alright, let's get it right, If right now and here you were asked to be granted three wishes, what would they be and why?…..For Nigeria's Beverly, Winning the money, have love opportunities out and knowing her man better are the priorities.

During her Diary session yesterday, Beverly couldn't keep it to herself that she'd like to know more of her man when they get outside the Big Brother House. "I would like to win the money of course that is the main wish, to also know what people think of me and lastly I would like to know my man more and better when we are outside," Beverly replied when Biggie asked the three wishes she's ask for is she's to be granted them. Talking about her man, there is no one alse except the South African dread-locked guy, Angelo.

Despite the fact that Beverly connected with Angelo in a tipsy state, she feels the thing real and wants to take it to the next level. The two have been craving for each other and good eough God has been on their side as that he had embraced them with a romantic Rendzvous date where they got to know each other. We also cant't help it to say that the twosome got some time to do frisky in a hot night bed action.

For those who have been following Beverly and her confessions, it is pretty clear that she finds Angelo the right man to marry. Beverly was recently heard confessing the following.

"I think he's husband material" (Monday Diary session after the first kiss)

"My life is in God's hands, I hand it to God everyday, mother is praying for me, a prophet told me I will marry this year and I can see it closer" (Wednesday night to Cleo)

"Even me, I am almost in a relationship" (Diamond house Friday night during the truth/dare game)

"Elikem, I love Angelo, I love him, love him" (Saturday night after getting caught)

On Monday during her Diary session, Beverly referred to "my Angelo" and Biggie asked her to clarify and she said; "he's my man Biggie."

And her latest wish is "To know her man better…her man being Angelo"!

There's a pattern forming here and I strongly believe that Beverly is praying to be with Angelo for the rest of  her life…..What do you have to say about this couple?

By @Deogratius09


  1. that's her luck

  2. i think bervely is a fooooooooooooooool to think that.

  3. She need to see prophet to pray for her cos she's been curse!!!

  4. Wow,nice one bev. Just make sure angelo is on the same page with u kiddo. For all the haters of bev/angelo thingy, I've got five words for all ya; 'Can You Dig it Suckers???!!!'

  5. Am sure she doesn't knw wht she wnt.she is dreaming. Angelo has a serious girl outside.

  6. Mhhh better not start it unless you mean it Angelo cause hearts will be broken, like they say love is a dangerous game. You dont want the Keagan situation.