Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Feature: I Chase You, You Chase Someone Else!

Okay let's get one thing straight - who exactly likes who in the Big Brother House? It seems as though one man's floor is another man's ceiling in The Chase.

As we have observed, the trend has been "the one you love, loves someone else" in the House. It's a pity but that's just how the game goes and that just may be what The Chase is all about after all.

Housemates are Chasing each other all over the place and the Diary Room has been a haven of bad-mouthing, revealing secrets and spilling the beans on Strategies. Who has been playing who is the main question?

Otherwise, all we are certain about is that while Annabel drooled over Angelo, he wanted Maria but she quickly friend-zoned him because she had the hots for Melvin. Well, the Nigerian hottie wouldn't even give her the time of day because he still had his eyes on Selly and well, he was not the only one Chasing Selly.

Sulu was also trying to Chase Selly but oh Selly, Selly, Selly - she just wanted to be warm in Nando's bed. Ah well, Nando took flight and has been hot on Dillish's heels. As for Dillish, she too has come out to say she fancies someone in the House. Who is Dillish's secret admirer?

The least said about Elikem the better. The Ghanaian got ladies like Feza, Fatima and Pokello confused but it seems as though he's found a home in Pokello leaving Feza and Fatima licking their wounds. At least Oneal is willing to pick up the pieces and make a decent woman of Feza but could she have her eyes set on Melvin? Oneal disagrees!

Back to Angelo, it looks like he's finally found his match in Beverly - at least the feeling is mutual but we wonder how serious Angelo wants to get with the Nigerian model because she hinted to Biggie that the South African dancer would make a grand husband.

The likes of Cleo were Chased, caught and could well just be 'back in the market' following the Eviction of her beau Hakeem and some brave guy might just hit on her before we know it. This is The Chase!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. this is funny bcos whoever chase whoever she or he wants dont end up with those pple they chase...so interesting to know that we sometimes dont end up with pple we want dats life chase lol!

  2. This is the chase.Melvin you are saved,Naija-Clor-POCOBIA said so