Friday, July 05, 2013

Feature: Lady Luck Smiles On Oneal and Hakeem

It would seem as though the gods are smiling upon Hakeem and Oneal this week. First it was the luck of scooping their ‘dream weddings’ and now they are both in waiting as Heads of their respective Houses.

Armed with slings, the two gentlemen focused on the target and emerged as the best contenders in the pack. Lady luck is really on their side this week. Oneal dodged this week’s Nominations by the skin of his teeth as his name was on Elikem’s lips but for some reason, he (Elikem) decided against putting him up for possible Eviction in his stead and it was Angelo who took the flack for him.

Though Hakeem and his ‘wife’ are up for possible Eviction this week, should they survive that hurdle then they are set for a grand honeymoon week.

For the Oneal’s, they might as well start their honeymoon now because they are not in danger on Sunday.

Things are not always rosy in the Big Brother House, there’s always something to bring Housemates back to reality and HaCleo’s Nomination, amidst all their fortune in the week, is just one of those unfortunate instances.

Well, who knows what Ruby HoHElikem or Diamond boss Melvin will do when they get the power to Swap Housemates? What if Cleo and/or Feza are Swapped tonight?

It’s all up to the Airtel Arena Showdown winner’s HoH to keep the couples together. Who will make the better House boss?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Hakeem wt one country vote lasted week I hop he goes home cos my country girl cleo isn't chasing well. Hakeem plz go home

  2. hakeem z goin nowhere pal!!!