Friday, July 05, 2013

Feature: Melvin In A Fix... Again!

Why is it that whenever Melvin puts a Housemate up for possible Eviction, that Chasemate wins HoH? Oh poor Melvin! First he put up Annabel for possible Eviction and she won HoH but lucky for him, Annabel didn’t return the favour and he dodged the bullet.

This time around it looks like the Nigerian heartthrob messed with the wrong guy. Hakeem has positioned himself as vengeful as we all know that Dillish hasn’t escaped his wrath since he arrived in the Diamond House. The Zimbabwean hottie has been Nominating Dillish since then and promised Biggie that he would never stop. Could Melvin find himself in Hakeem’s bad books come Sunday or will he forgive and forget like Annabel?

Well, not every Chasemate has Annabel or Natasha’s heart. This afternoon, Natasha as the winner of the Power of No in the Ruby House decided to exclude herself from the running towards being the next HoH and allowed the Rubies an equal chance at the crown. Now, that was a first but not everyone found it to be a wise idea. However, all Natasha wanted was “for everyone to have a fair chance because I know you all want it and I don’t want to be the one to stop you from getting it.”

Could Melvin’s ‘luck’ be a sign that it’s time he sacrifices himself on the Eviction block?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Biggie. N housemates bring it on cos Nija will alwayz save MR NIGERIA but in God melvin trust cos he alwayz say**Wat will be will be!!.God is wt him.

  2. No need to fear cos Hakeem is goin home aleady,i kw Zimb prefers Pokello to Hakeem

  3. Hakkem is going on Sunday melvin don't worry u r save ok. No shit

  4. I love tasha for her kind heart but if Hakeen plays a game of revenger as he will surely do our boy will be saved. Naija-Clor-POCOBIA

  5. Look at Mel's mouth and eyes. He looks terrible.