Monday, July 22, 2013

Feature: The Original Rubies and Diamonds!

It looks like the Merge of the Ruby, Diamond Houses doesn't mean unity in The Chase.

Some of the Chasemates spent a good part of the morning arguing about which House was more hospitable than the other. The funniest part was that some Housemates have lost sight of the fact that they had been Swapped into the Houses they had lived in for the past few weeks.

Let's go down memory lane and remember who the original Diamonds were:

Elikem who walked in with Feza, Angelo, Dillish, Bimp, Nando and Annabel.

The original Rubies are Beverly, Sulu, Cleo, Oneal and Melvin.

The likes of Dillish, Bimp and Nando pride themselves as the real Diamonds as they were never Swapped to the Ruby House until the Merge. As for Sulu and Oneal, they too have never spent a night outside the Ruby House since The Chase began and are thanking their lucky stars that all the Chasemates finally moved in with them.

Sulu made it clear that there was no way he would move into the Diamond House and continually campaigned to the Heads of House to spare him from the Swap.

Do you think it's time for the Chasemates to focus on the real issues like keeping themselves in the game and bury the Diamond House? Or is it a case of once a Diamond, always a Diamond?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Operation save Elikeem n sulu!

  2. Just save Elikem ! Sulu and annabel can go back home

  3. Elikam u re saved, but Sulu got entertainment more than u and I know he will be bouncing with annabel come sunday hehehehee...

  4. My vote goes to Sulu