Sunday, July 07, 2013

Feature: That Was A Double Blow!

Tonight has been a double blow for Elikem. While he licks his wounds after his lady friend, Fatima became the eleventh Chasemate to be booted out of the game, the Ghanaian fashion designer has Angelo to deal with.

Remember that he Saved himself from possible Eviction and put up Angelo? Well, Angelo survived the chop and the two will have to coexist in the Ruby House. Oops Elikem should have Swapped Angelo to the Diamond House while he could just to escape from all the tension.

Well, the tide changed in the Diamond House and Melvin couldn't stop kicking himself when Hakeem was booted out of the House. "Forgive me Father, forgive me Father," the Nigerian Chasemate kept praying silently while burying his head in his hands as Hakeem said his goodbyes.

After Melvin saved Selly and replaced her with Hakeem, he felt responsible for his Eviction. However, it's a game and The Chase must go on. What the Diamonds should be battling about is who will be their new Sheriff now that Hakeem has moved to Emerald House?

Meanwhile, Oneal is the man of the Ruby House and after Elikem Swapped his girl Feza to the Diamond House, it looks like the Ghanaian Housemate will be treading on thin ice. However, boys will be boys and so far it looks as if the guys are all cool with each other - Elikem, Angelo, Sulu and Oneal all shared a light moment in the bedroom with Pokello.
Only seven Rubies and nine Diamonds are still in the running for the coveted USD 300 000. What are you looking forward to the most on the seventh week of The Chase?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. I am looking for the merge of the two houses

  2. I also support that they should be merged to rubby house