Monday, July 01, 2013

Feature: To Split Or Not To Split?

The need for space and individuality is a growing trend among the couples in the House. Could it be fear of the LK4/Koketso spell? Or do they fear losing track of The Chase?

Whatever their reasons, the one thing that's clear is that there's an urgent need for some fresh air up in here.

Elikem conspiring with Feza to get rid of Pokello so he could get a breather is just one eye-popping example. Elikem cited Pokello's stiffness and secretive nature as his reason to give the relationship a break but insisted that he likes her a lot and is determined to see them grow way beyond The Chase.

Feza also confided in Elikem that she really wouldn't mind breaking away from Oneal for a while. With Elikem as HoH, it looks like Feza is ready for the Ghanaian lad to return the favour. Asked if she wanted Oneal out of the Ruby House, Feza said she wouldn't mind him taking a sabbatical to the Diamond House.

For recently reunited lovers, Cleo and Hakeem, being joined at the hip doesn't seem to be working for them either. "Hakeem and Fatima shared a bed and I think that's wrong but he doesn't think so," Cleo told Big Brother. She said their relationship is work in progress but looking into her eyes, there's no doubt that something is worrying the Zambian lass.

Selly and Nando did their thing and decided to go their separate ways, never mind that they are in the same House. Nando has his eyes set on Dillish now and it looks like his friend Bimp is willing to step aside and allow the Tanzanian Housemate to do his thing. Really Bimp? who would have thought that Bimp had the hots for Dillish? Well, he seems confused as well because there's still Beverly on the other side whom he wouldn't want to disappoint. However, Bimp said he takes care of Dillish as a sister. Mhmmm!

Anyway, Selly has given Nando room to roam around and just be himself that after she showed Sulu the door too. The girl has resigned to being alone at this particular juncture.

Did we mention that Bolt also followed closely after his girl Betty to Emerald House? Looks like there's some kind of jinx of the lovers.

Do you think taking some time off their partners is a good idea because they interact more or does that irritate Africa because you want to see lovers' action?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Biggie the game is getting tougher. I wish all real competitors good luck