Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Feature: We've Got Something In Common!

Bassey, Beverly and Sulu have one thing in common – they have all not been up for possible Eviction ever and The Chase is already halfway.

They have never felt their blood boil and their heads spin while their palms sweat in anticipation of their fate as the drone sounds and IK hangs on to the results. They have no idea of how that actually feels. What is it that they are doing right to be able to dodge the dagger?

In the last Eviction, we saw newbies Angelo, Bimp, Fatima and Cleo shaking in their boots as they faced the dreaded Evictions but it was only Fatima who couldn’t pull through.

Surviving Evictions gives Housemates a sense of consolation and serves as some stamp of approval that they are exciting someone out there. Perhaps that’s why some of them have often mentioned that they want to taste the gallows. Mhmmm!

Other Chasemates have become legends of the Nominations gallows and sleep peacefully even when they are up for possible Eviction.

Bassey was lucky to be Saved by Beverly that one time he was Nominated and he has dodged the dagger since then. Beverly on the other hand has just never been Nominated ever. Sulu almost had a fit last week when Elikem revealed that he had Saved him and put Angelo up instead.

Some Housemates have been booted out the moment they showed their heads in the Eviction gallows. How unfortunate! These are: Denzel, Huddah, LK4, Koketso, Motamma, Maria, Biguesas, Neyll and Fatima.

Will Bassey, Beverly and Sulu survive the chop the day they are put up for possible Eviction or will they sail through to the finale? Does their situation put them in trouble for next week’s Nominations? We’ll have to wait and see.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Biggie get your information ryt sulu has been ƱṖ once bf!

  2. Sulu has nt been up,he was replaced wit Angelo,get ur facts rite

  3. Solu wasn't replaced wit angelo but was replaced wit pokello.this was don by feza n she swapped pokello that same week,so u two get ur facts rite

  4. Bassy too has bin up n was saved by bev who put natasha up,so its only Bev dat has neva bin up

  5. Maybe Biggie shuld say,Africa has neva had 2 vote 4 them!