Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feature: What Will Happen Next?

A new Task, a new challenge for the Chasemates and it looks like the fake Emeralds are getting in their way.

Though both Houses went for a 100 percent Wager in the Circus Task, their enthusiasm so far leaves a lot to be desired. As for the Diamonds, they could hardly even get into their costumes, let alone the characters save for the ever-enthusiastic Bassey who snapped into his Ringmaster character almost immediately. The Diamonds’ laxity led to a stern warning from Biggie, which means they had better pull up their socks.

We are yet to know for sure if the Emeralds made a good impression on Annabel and Elikem. It looks like Elikem is bought, as he couldn’t help raving about his video chat session with Kenya’s Alusa from the fake Emerald House. As for Annabel, it looks like it will take much more than South Africa’s Busi to convince her. She told the Diamonds that Busi’s interaction with her seemed too staged for her liking so she wasn’t convinced.

It wasn’t long before Bimp observed that fake Emerald Busi had said the Emeralds usually watch them on a TV screen in their House yet she also expressed how shocked she was when she saw the Chasemates at the Party Zone on Saturday night. Oops!

Let's take it to the Twitter streets to see what you had to say about the Emerald video chats and the week's Task:

@Mzlianne - Alusa says they watch them in their hse, yet he didn't know that there was swapping. @bigbroAfrica, train the fake HMs well. #BBATheChase

@kwakunyan - @BigBroAfrica nice try busi for messing up with annabel's head !! #BBAthechase

@MOsagiede - Hehehehe! I cant stop laughing d fake emerald hsemate has a clown wig on as if he is doing the task as well @bigbroafrica #BBATheChase

@fab_sonny - "@Lunthabi: @BigBroAfrica Sulu is so crazy hahahaha #BBATheChase"he is playing da part,acting it and dressed da part as if he is won big...

It looks like it’s going to be a long week and with the likes of HoH Sulu panicking and shaking in their boots like this, it will really be fun to experience. So many questions to ask; will the Emeralds pull off their mission? Will Sulu calm down and believe in his Housemates?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Biggie they will mess up I guess!

  2. A tip for the fake house mates, let them not be leading in conversation rather let them be more of hearing, I like Elikems chat the fake housemate was more relaxed so he could easily sway the conversation. Let the fake housemates play more of a dumb role than trying to ask who was who because they will easily blow their cover. ONEAL is sharp full of himself but his brains will pick up even the slightest detail and the plan might fail.

    How I wish I was the fake housemate lol, would have played the role 100%