Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feza Rubs Down Oneal

What is the best way to spend a cold winter's night when you are locked up indoors? Spend the evening giving your man a hot massage.

That is just what Feza did in middle of the night. The Tanzanian hopped on top of her boo Oneal, who was lying topless on the bed. She then proceeded to work her magic hands all over her man's bare back, much to his delight. Talk about heating things up.

The Ruby lovebirds don't seem to be much perturbed with having to share a bedroom with the newly moved in Diamonds and Emeralds. From the looks of things, a crowded House is not about to stop this pair from doing couple stuff together. Well good for them!

It seems that the Merger has brought about peace in the House, as Oneza and Cleo seem to have worked out the differences that they had. The trio were laughing and chatting like old buddies today.

Hopefully the threesome will remain on good terms and not allow things to turn nasty among them.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Dis fake Sulu wll regret tmrw nyt

  2. Big people do lyk dat,workin out their differences. Go cleo nd feza,luv u all gals. Oneza al de way