Saturday, July 06, 2013

Getting Dolled Up To Party

It’s a Saturday night and you all know that the Chasemates are getting ready to get down, Channel O style. The guys and girls got all dolled up in preparation for the best event of the week as far as they are concerned.

In the Diamond House, the girls went all out from their dress code down to their make-up. Beverly was hot in her red flowered bikini and black blazer while the Delicious Dillish wore all black with a touch of gold on her sleeveless shirt. Annabel had on her green one-arm dress that covered her voluptuous curves, being the African woman she is. Cleo toned it down this week, with a black vest and yellow boyfriend pants. The boys wore white overalls that had pink paint for d├ęcor. Everyone was looking swaggalicious and ready to party.

The Rubies also brought their A-game in an attempt to look the hottest out of all the Chasemates. Pokello, lady of swag, had on her penguin blazer on with a white shirt and bowtie. She looked stunning as per usual in her blazer. Beverly rocked the same blazer with embellished epaulettes. Selly was in a mini skirt as usual and black sleeveless peplum leather top, showing all her goods for all to see. Natasha had on her leopard print dress, she was the only one not dressed in the monochrome fashion the other Ruby females were in. the party will be one to remember, that’s for sure.

Which House was the best dressed for the Channel O party?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Beverly omo too sure.........ever sexy lukin gud swt

  2. who is this writer? Pokello did not wear a bow-tie tonite!!!