Sunday, July 14, 2013

Goodbye To The Diamonds?

The Chasemates think they are going somewhere today.

There was excitement and a subsequent flurry of activity this evening when Big Brother told all the Housemates to pack their bags. Bassey, who was cooking in the kitchen, almost dropped his pot when the announcement was made following the Nominated Housemates Eviction Diaries. "Guys did you hear that?" he asked with excitement in his voice.

Pretty soon, there were screams that echoed through the House as everyone came to the realisation that something could be up. Melvin even found this moment to be the perfect opportunity to remix pop diva Rihanna's "Diamonds". "Goodbye to the Diamonds" he sang, as chaos descended upon the House, with everyone scurrying about, throwing shoes, clothes, jewellery and toiletries into bags - which were already bursting at the seams.

When Bassey finally "came to" and remembered that he had something special cooking on the stove, he told his fellow Housemates "We'll have to eat and leave the plates here, guys".

Where do the Chasemates think they are going?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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  1. thy thnk thy'r gng 2 emerald house, lol