Monday, July 01, 2013

Have You Got Good Game?

Spending 91 days confined with strangers is no easy feat and add to that the daunting task of having to impress Africa enough for them to want to keep you in the game and it’s easy to see that game is not for everyone.

With last night’s Eviction and this evening’s Nominations in mind Biggie implored the Housemates to share with him how their strategies have changed over the course of time. It looks like Fatima's game plan is to get all the boys to herself. “My strategy is to get rid of all the girls,” she confessed.

Feza dished to Biggie that she wants to come out of her shell, saying: “I want to be more myself. I feel I was a bit more reserved. So basically right now I am going to be more of myself and I won’t hold anything back”. Hmmm, could this yearning for freedom have anything to do with her troubled relationship with Oneal?

As for Oneal, the Tswana fellow believes that former Diamonds are on a covert mission to eliminate the Rubies. “Their strategy seems to be; get rid of as many Rubies from this side as possible and let’s adopt strategies that we had while we were in the Diamond House,” he mused.

What do you think; is Oneal right about the former Diamonds residing in the Ruby House? Or is he just paranoid?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Oneal is wrong!

  2. He is ryt nd their plan is not going to work we wil vote out those who play evil nd plot others operation kick out fatima nd hakeem start 2nyt

  3. Think he is ryt. I hate those Diamonds in that house, i want the original Rubies back.

  4. He may be correct. All he needs is to be strong and be himself