Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Head of House Dillish

Dillish has very strong ambitions and she is not about to let anyone stop her.

The gorgeous Namibian Housemate, who has coasted through The Chase without winning the coveted HoH position, expressed her desire to wear the sheriff’s badge, in a conversation with her fellow Housemates this afternoon.

Dillish came to this realisation as the Diamonds brought forward the names of Rubies they want Bimp to bring to the Ruby House during the eagerly anticipated swap on Friday.

"I've never, ever been Head of House before. I can't wait to do swaps, as well as the dreaded Save and Replace on Monday evenings", she said. Bimp, Melvin and Nando all assured Dillish that she would be HoH soon, before jumping into who they want Bimp to bring to the Ruby House. "You can bring Angelo. It's so funny though that no one wants to be a Ruby", Nando said. It seems Melvin is the only one who wouldn't mind abandoning ship. "I have two days to think about it. I honestly wouldn't mind. It obviously depends on if we win the Airtel Challenge", he said.

Dillish didn't seem to like the idea of the Nigerian going to the Ruby House. "No. I don't want you to go". Could Dillish like Melvin more than she has let on in the past? Most importantly, would Dillish make a good Head of House?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. It is obvoious that Delish is in love with Melvin but she is just using Bassey to cover up because she had already told the house mate about her boyfriend and she doesn't want Marria to be offended.she was already close to Melvin before Marria came to Diamond to declear her intension towards Melvin.

    1. Mumu!!is dat hoW people fall in luv!mtcheeeeeW

  2. Hahahahahahahhahahahhha