Friday, July 05, 2013

HoH: Natasha and Pokello Sit This One Out

Having won the Power of No Task earlier this week, Natasha chose to sit the Head of House Task out and give her fellow Housemates a chance to compete for next week’s Head of House duty.

As the Housemates sat down to hear what the Malawian mama had to say, they were all eager to hear who would be excluded on today’s HoH Task only to find out that they are all safe and Natasha would be the one who would not participate. What a selfless act from Natasha, one Africa will not forget any time soon. This is how you get Africa to like you Housemates, by being a saint.

Viewers seem to have mixed feelings about Natasha’s decision. Is she genuinely nice or is it all part of her game plan?
In the Diamond House Beverly was the one that won the Power of No and so she chose Pokello to be excluded from the Head of House. When she went back to tell her fellow Housemates, she said “I chose Pokello because she’s leaving anyway.” Pokello acted sad about the news but we all know she’s lazy to do anything anyway. What Beverly meant by this was rather confusing because she could’ve either meant that the Zimbabwean diva is going back to the Rubies or is leaving The Chase come Sunday.

What do you think Beverly meant when she said she excluded Pokello from the HoH Task because she’s leaving anyway?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. What ever way u can use in wining jst do it and play safe 2 win.natasha think dat is d way for her 2 win.

  2. Natasha is not real, she's damn sooo fake. Eish

  3. Beverly will be disappointed bcos pokillo is not going any where. Naija pick on voting for pokillo to stay. Up naija up pokillo