Friday, July 05, 2013

HoH: Oneal and Hakeem Lead The Pack

Biggie issued out the HoH Task brief earlier this morning and the Housemates were all too keen to take part. The current HoH’s in each House read out the Task and were ready to begin except Natasha who had excluded herself on this one out and so did Pokello who had been excluded by Beverly.

The Task had been rather tough because the target they had to hit was at a distance and so some of the Rubies had a tough time hitting it. Angelo had a promising start as he hit closer to the red target while Fatima had no shots on her target. Annabel was as useless as she hit everything except the target. Oneal didn’t necessarily hit the target but all his shots were close enough hence he won the Task.

In the Ruby House, Beverly had a lucky shot that landed her extremely close to the target while Miss Lovely Lady Dillish had no luck whatsoever. Nando had a close call as his shot landed in the red zone but this didn’t secure his place as Head of House.

After much effort Bassey managed to hit almost all the other targets except his own. Cleo was as unlucky even though she had a crash course from her beloved Hakeem. Hakeem was the only one who had hit the target right in the middle after two tries thus making him next week’s HoH. Congrats Hakeem.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. All the best Hakeem. Hope u survive to enjoy your duties. After last night's perfomance, am voting for you non stop.

  2. How can someone hear a music frm his country n get angry? He even treaten biggie dat he will get mad @him if he didn't change d song(Wat is hakeem feeling like?)Hakeem bring it on even if melvin n Bev are up next week they will save both trust nija! We zims want pokelo nt u so come home come sunday.we await u!

  3. Continue voting pokello

    1. She beta dan hakeem n d so calld hakeem jos destroyd cleo's plans on chasing d money. Nija all over d world plz vote hakeem out or ur in trouble.ur two guyz mayb up next week.

  4. Hakeem is coming home dis sunday unless biggie riggd d votes

  5. ANNABEL undress infront of her fellow housemates! what a jerk????

  6. too bad hakeem you are leaving this sunday together with Fatima so that head of the task was just a waste for you