Thursday, July 04, 2013

'I'm A Good Kisser' - Bassey

The spirit of romance is sweeping through the Diamond House like the proverbial broom.

After spending half the day preparing for Hakeem and Cleo's nuptials this evening, Bassey got caught up in the awesome wave of love and romance.

In a conversation with Melvin, Pokello, Hakeem and Bimp, the sexy Sierra Leonean revealed how much of a good kisser he is. "I love kissing and am extremely good at it. I'm so lucky I'm not in a relationship in the House because kissing would make me frisky. I'm good with my tongue", Bassey said, amongst many other things.

Dillish revealed last week that she has a crush on Bassey. Clearly, if these two were to hook up, Dillish would be guaranteed a good time. Do you think they would make a cute couple?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. dilish is a blonde,

  2. Delish bassey crush hell no cos if she has she would hav contd to invite him 4d R-room date nomata wat! Delish wants melvin but want melvin to make a move.Trust Nija swt boy wt his delay swag! Watching!