Monday, July 01, 2013

Is Feza A Snake?

After she and her man Oneal Nominated Elikem for possible Eviction this morning, Feza spent close to two hours chatting away happily with the man she had just hung on the gallows.

Feza shared details about her relationship with Oneal, stating how she wouldn't involve herself in any flirtations in the House if she wasn't serious about it. The Tanzanian beauty also zoned in on Elikem's relationship with Pokello and his possible House swap on Friday. "If Pokello comes back, I might as well go, she said, highlighting how tense relations have been between her and Pokello, after Feza sent Pokello to the Diamond House. “If she comes back, maturity has to work because it would be intense", Elikem said.

Feza then asked Elikem to break down his relationship with Pokello, which Elikem did gladly. "She's a nice person and I would continue a relationship with her outside the House. However, I think her being in the Diamond House is perfect because if she was still in the Ruby House, she'd either be sleeping, or with me. Space is good. I can dance and cry if I want to. I can just do me", Elikem said. Did the Ghanaian put in a personal request to have Pokello swapped?

Feza and Elikem's relationship is a pretty strange one. When The Chase first began, these two were inseparable. Elikem even expressed how much he really liked Feza and wanted to kick off something romantic with her. Unfortunately, the Tanzanian shot him down, saying he is a little too young for her. Both of them moved on and Feza has clearly found what she wants in Botswana's Oneal. Elikem also eventually seemed to settle into a cosy partnership of sorts with Pokello.

The two seemed not to get along, with Feza constantly talking about Elikem and how confused he is. Strange how now that Pokello has left, Feza is back to being best buddies with Elikem. Oneal never misses a thing and it goes without saying that Feza will be hearing from him, regarding his conversation with Elikem, soon.

On the flipside, one might argue that Feza is not a snake because this is a game after all and as the weeks roll by, friends end up Nominating friends. Also, this game is a tricky one and you never know who might form strategic alliances to help them get ahead. Many of the Chasers see Feza as a smart game player and thus a threat. Do you agree?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. She is not a snake but a smart girl who had learnt her lesson with men in a hard way