Sunday, July 21, 2013

JJ's Bánging Body

Well hello there cutie!

Ever since Hakeem exited from The Chase with all of his fineness there has been a shortage of beefcakes in the Big Brother House. But worry no more ladies because JJ is here now and the young actor seems very willing and able to fill that void.

If you have been wondering to yourself what the Zimbabwean lad looks like with his shirt off, wonder no more. Today the Emerald fellow decided to turn the garden into his private outdoor gym. The crafty fellow used the pots as his dumbbells and made use of the chairs for press ups.

He put on quite the show for Africa as he worked up a sweat. Well, now we know how he maintains that hot body of his.

Here is what you had to say on Twitter about JJ working up a sweat:

@ShlartsiMonti - I want JJ for christmas #BBATheChase. #inlov

@Manelizer - Tjo! Sixpack doesn't grow on trees, lift that pot JJ! Biggy buy them some weights pls! #BBATheChase #bigbroAfrica

@enoch_tendani - #BBATheChase JJ is interesting to watch him training always making noise

@3White_Diamonds - JJ Being another character mehnnnn. See workin out. These Emeralds are Unique #BBATheChase

What do you think of JJ; is he So Hot or So Not?

By Lihle Jacobs

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