Friday, July 12, 2013

Latest Updates – Day 47

17:37 - Oneal and Sulu corner Feza about the alcohol issue. She dishes all the dirt!

17:22 - Natasha and Selly get a warm welcome in the Diamond House. "Melvin I'll kill you," Natasha chuckles.

17:05 - After being consoled by Pokello, Natasha is finally ready to go. "I'm taking my pillows with me and I'm sleeping in my bed next week when I come back.

16:50 - Melvin Swaps Feza and Cleo from Diamond to Ruby while Natasha and Selly are moving in with him.

16:40 - The Ruby guys try and analyse how they lost to the Diamonds in the Arena.

15:54 - "I think it's a good game to bring Elikem," Feza tells Melvin.

15:40 - Diamonds destroy Rubies 7-3. "They must give us another challenge so we can destroy them. Make it something with brains this time," Oneal says. 

15:26 - Diamond 5, Ruby 3

15:24 - Diamond 4, Ruby 3

14:52 - Diamond 2, Ruby 1

14:45 - The Airtel Football Rising Star Playoff starts now.

14:05 - Off to the Arena they go! Will it be Team Ruby or Team Diamond today?

13:53 - Melvin has banned Beverly and Annabel from competing in the Arena.

13:34 - The Chasemates get soccer kits for today's Airtel Arena Challenge - it's on!

13:24 - Cleo relates her Emerald House dream. "It was big, it was far nicer than the Ruby House," she exclaims.

13:15 - Bimp joins the Diamond girls in a chat about hair. "This is Peruvian. Oh, it's Malaysian or is it Indian," that's the chat right now. What nationality is your hair though?

12:48 - Dillsh says she wasn't in talking terms with her mom when she moved into the House. "I want to have a relationship with her like a tight mom-daughter bond."

12:40 - Bimp and Dillish have a heart to heart about their similar family lives.

11:30 - Boss Bimp is set to rule the Diamond House. His Head of House duties commence on Monday.

11:19 - "I want to compete," pouted, excluded Housemate, Feza as the rest of the Diamonds prepared to compete in the Head of House Task.

11:05 - After the Housemates had a ball throwing Task, Sulu was crowned the Ruby Head of House. "I needed this," the Zambian exclaimed with joy.

10:47 - In the Diamond House Cleo used her Power of No against Feza. "Because I hate the way that she cut her hair," joked Cleo when the Diamonds asked her why Feza.

10: 43 - Angelo finally got his revenge on Elikem for putting him up for Eviction. Today the South African chose to use his Power of No against the Ghana man.

10:32 - The Diamonds discuss how they should dress up for the Airtel Showdwon later today. Whichever House wins the Showdown will be the one that has their HoH determine which Housemates will be swapped.

10:07 - "You should go back to the Ruby House. It's obvious that you want to be with Oneal," HoH Melvin tells Feza. "We will always be together even outside the House," the Tanzanian retorted.

09:54 - Angelo flexed his vocal muscles singing "Lean On Me" as the Ruby fellas continued cleaning up outside.

09:44 - "I enjoy shopping in this House," said Sulu this morning after the Rubies and Diamonds managed to once again bag their 100% Wager at the Task Presentation last night.

09:53 - Ruby boys, Angelo, Elikem and Sulu spent the morning clean grass outside. "It's looking good," the South African praised at their work.

09: 15 - "I wish that I could be the Head of House," sang Sulu in the Ruby kitchen this morning. Later on today the Housemates will have their Head of House Task. Who do you think will be crowned the sheriffs of Ruby and Diamond House today?


  1. Congrats Sulu, be a leader my man. Stop confusing your game and selly's just play your own game.

  2. Congratulations to Sulu. Be a good leader and stop this issue between you and Selly.