Sunday, July 21, 2013

Live Show: Botswana's A.T.I. Baffles Them!

The pintsized A.T.I. from Botswana certainly brought a new kind of style to the Live Eviction Show.

His unique dress sense, lyrics and dance moves got the audience jumping up and down in anticipation of what he still had up his sleeves. Clad in an all white outfit, rocking his signature thick black tear, the Tswana rising star did his thing for Africa.

We scoured Twitter to see what you had to say:

@joshychris - @BigBroAfrica he is really swaggish but crazy tho got some style too #BBATheChase

@NaykieZz - A.T.I is on fire.. Loviing his uniqueness..♡ #BBATheChase @BigBroAfrica

@Miss_Rayb - Chilies eya ba baba hehe @bigbroafrica @ati_batho_bame

@SanDra_WeeZy - Botswana's A.T.I doing hz thing atm!!!!!! #BBATheChase @BigBroAfrica

@Stress051 - Damn this A.T.I dude is killing it @bigbroafrica @ati_batho_bame big ups yooo

Clearly, the only way for A.T.I is tops as Africa has really embraced his uniqueness and for those who are still trying to figure him out, catch him on the fly. For those that think A.T.I is weird and/or strange, maybe it's time to pick up your jaws from the floor and watch this young Tswana lad take charge.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. O a baba laiti ena!!!crazyyyyyyyy!!!Haaaaaiiii!!talentd!!

  2. Lol! His my future baby dady!*jokes* wow talented and unique can you get? This crazy dude is something else, only one of his kid, haven't seem anything like him. One problem though, #A.T.I management team. I'm adressing you now... Ati's songs on the internet are no where to be found for downloading purposes, what's up with that?