Monday, July 01, 2013

Live Updates: Day 36

18:50 - Annabel and Feza say they miss Bimp. "He's very wild, crazy and chilled out," Annabel says.

18:26 - Fatima says she hopes this week's Task is mental rather than physical.

18:03 - Hakeem says he asked Pokello about Cleo but Bimp warns him to never ask people about his girl.

18:00 - Hakeem gossips about Pokello to Bimp. He calls her vain and says she's playing Elikem.

17:45 - Cleo and Selly are having a heart to heart about relationships in the House.

17:28 - The Diamonds discuss the best cooks in the game and what foods they enjoy cooking. They say Natasha and Fatima compete in the Ruby House.

16:33 - Fatima joins the guys in the Jacuzzi.

16:25 - Fatima is excitable in the Diary Room. She says she wishes Pokello would come back because Elikem is burdening her with his issues.

16:17 - Oneal says he's considering calling off his relationship with Feza.

16:15 - "People are now aware that you need to be voting out competition," Oneal.

15:30 - Feza says she agreed with Elikem to send Pokello to the Diamond House but knows that she'll be in for it.

15:10 - Cleo tells Hakeem about her Diary session adding that she doesn't want to be played.

14:40 - Dillish says she's made peace with Hakeem so this week she Nominated Housemates that haven't been up.

14:32 - Nando says his game hasn't started and accuses some Housemates of "riding the bus for free."

14:24 - Bimp tells Biggie that he has a special relationship with Beverly and Dillish but knows that Nando is attracted to Dillish.

14:13 - "If Melvin is HoH, I'm HoH. If I'm Nominated, I'm not going anywhere even if Melvin is Nominated," Beverly says confidently.

14:04 - "I'm a soldier and I play the game like a soldier so I'm not fazed by being Swapped from the Ruby House," Pokello.

14:00 - Hakeem says he thinks Cleo being with him is part of her winning strategy.

13:50 - Hakeem says he loves Cleo wholeheartedly but she has lied to him on several occasions.

13:45 - Cleo says there was a bit of tension between her and Hakeem over the weekend

13:20 - Diary sessions start with Bassey telling Biggie that he likes the Diamonds.

12:50 - Sulu chats to Angelo in the lounge.

12:33 - Oneal reads the Bible in bed while Elikem and Feza plan how to send him to Diamond.

12:20 - Feza says she needs to talk to someone she can trust before she bursts and it can't be Oneal.

12:14 - Elikem and Feza say sometimes it's best to spend time away from your lover in the House. Feza says Hakeem did well without Cleo, now they don't interact.

12:00 - Feza and Elikem discuss her Swapping Pokello on Friday and the repercussions

11:42 - Bimp and Dillish say they don't understand people that drink champagne when they are out. "If you buy me champagne, you'e wasting your time," Dillish says

10:50 - Diamond Nomination Results:
Pokello - 4
Bimp, Nando, Selly & Cleo - 3
Melvin, Hakeem, Beverly & Dillish - 1
Bassey - 0

10:40 - This is how the Diamonds Nominated:
Pokello: Bimp and Nando
Selly: Hakeem and Bimp
Bimp: Pokello and Selly
Bassey: Melvin and Bimp
Hakeem: Selly and Dillish
Dillish: Nando and Cleo
Melvin: Cleo and Pokello
Nando: Cleo and Selly
Cleo: Pokello and Beverly
Beverly: Nando and Pokello

10:30 - Cleo puts Pokello and Beverly and Beverly Nominates Nando is too full of himself and getting to the edge of provoking her. She then Nominates Pokello for dictatorship.

10:29 - Nando Nominates Cleo and his girl Selly because she doesn't put any effort in team work.

10:10 - Ruby Nomination Results:
Fatima - 5
Elikem - 3
Annabel, Feza, Oneal & Natasha - 2

10:00 - The Rubies Nominated as follows:
Sulu: Annabel and Fatima
Feza: Elikem and Fatima
Oneal: Elikem and Fatima
Elikem: Oneal and Natasha
Natasha: Feza and Oneal
Angelo: Natasha and Fatima
Annabel: Fatima and Elikem
Fatima: Feza and Annabel


  1. Who will melvin save and replace.......selly is a she goat bcos bimp did not fall for her she then decided to put him up.melvin pls don't save selly n remember to put hakeem/bassey melbev

  2. chei! Melvin will save selly and likely replace with hakeem or bassey

  3. Melvin plz save bimp n put hakeem! We nid selly der

  4. How I wish Biggie will put up eleven pple, I'll b so happy, but I no he won't, d 4pple with 2 nomination each 4r d ruby house might not b up.

  5. wooops! dis is gonna b a tough decision 4 melvin!!!

  6. Melvin will save Bimp or selly n put up Hakeem or Bassey most likely Bassey I just wish he will leave Selly there and save Bimp

  7. Melvin my broda not selly pls I knw we re neighbours buh she is a schemer

    1. My dear they are all Schemers not only Selly. Hate the game and npt the player. Selly till the finals

  8. Melvin we Save Bimp and he we put up Hakeem. Mark my word

  9. Melvin should save Selly

  10. why fatima mara...i want elikem outttttttttttt

  11. Selly and Elikem all the way to the top. Yep and Melvin too
    copy that

    1. Selly z up cz melvin wil save bimp. h z so clz 2 him n bev, trust me

  12. want selly nad fatima out

  13. Melvin please save pokello and put dilllish

    1. Dat can't hpn, h nomitd her. Declish z a smple sweet gal-melvn wil nvr do dat 2 hr....

  14. Pls don't patronise us selly is as good as homeville........sorry melvin can never put up dillish on d choppin board.

  15. melvin wil definitely save selly and put hakeem or dillish

  16. Pls better save pokello ad replace her with hekeem or selly

  17. I will like melvin to remain

  18. Cnt wait 4 2nite

  19. Diamond hse swap n replace decision is goin to be tough for melvin bt he surely is goin to put btwn the two nominations he named in the nomination session

  20. I want melvin to save selly so Ghana can vote pokello to stay again

  21. Pokello is as good as homeville

  22. i wonder y he saved her instered of bimo may be because sell tried to loe him