Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Live Updates: Day 37

18:10 - Melvin tells Big Brother how frustrated he is that everyone is trying to how worried about the Wager he is because the Diamonds are not working as one unit.

17:40 - Hakeem tells Biggie that he and Pokello are not friends and can never be friends even though they are from the same country.

17:16 - It's Diamond Diary Session and Biggie starts with Bassey who says he was shocked to have five people Nominated from his new House.

16:27 - Feza says if she is to get married to Oneal that would mean they have two kids already because they both have one child each already. "We will have to have two more and they will have to be girls," she says.

16:05 - Nando insists that it's possible for the Diamond guys to make a car that can fit all of them but the guys disagree.

15:08 - It's time to make the bride's dress bearing in mind that "it's bad luck for the groom to see the wedding dress." The guys have to work on pimping up the groom's car.

15:00 - Angelo says Dillish would make a perfect bride for him and in Ruby, Annabel would do just right because he knows her well. He enjoys Annabel's company but she's not his type.

14:26 - Sulu says he will be playing the stubborn uncle in this Week's Task and lays his character out for Biggie.

14:22 - Fatima says she finds it difficult to look her Housemates in the eye after they Nominated her last night.

14:07 - Just like Oneal, Feza also says her dream wedding would have to be small, classy with close friends and family. Biggie wants to know if Oneal is aware of this and they laugh.

14:03 - Feza says Oneal's proposal has left her speechless. "It was so genuine," she says.

14:00 - "We were wondering if we can get strippers for our bachelor party," Oneal asks. "Nice try," Biggie says.

13:53 - Oneal tells Biggie that his dream wedding would be something small with close family and friends. That was after he said the Rubies want to break the record of 100 percent wins in the game.

13:46 - Diary sessions start in the Ruby House with Natasha calling herself a veteran. She says she wants to remain independent in her marriage and not repeat previous mistakes but she's not in a rush to get married.

13:30 - Oneal speaks off the cuff and from his heart when he proposes to Feza before the rest of the Rubies break into song; "Feza, Feza, you should understand."

13:25 - In the closet, Feza finds Angelo who sings her next clue to her; "there is so much Oneal wants to say so maybe you should go to the toilet downstairs."

13:24 - Feza bursts into laughter when she finds barely dressed guys all over the House with clues of where to find her man.

13:10 - With the help of the guys, Oneal takes his time in planning his proposal to Feza. What should we expect?

12:40 - The Housemates jump into character and start preparing for the big day; practicing the step and planning the outfits.

12:18 - Cleo and Hakeem are this week's Diamind groom and bride. Hakeem wastes no time proposing to her and they seal it with a kiss.

12:10 - Melvin confirms that the Diamonds are going for 100 percent for Wedding Week.

11:59 - In a bod to get into character, Annabel suggests that boys and girls should sleep in separate rooms.

11:58 - Feza walks in with a red bow tie and realises that her beau, Oneal has a red ring. "It's meant to be, it's meant to be," she screams.

11:50 - The girls have to go to the garden and pick bow ties while the boys will pick rings from the Storeroom and the two with matching ring and bow tie will be the bride and groom. Who will it be?

11:47 - The Rubies are excited to hear that it's Wedding week and are confident enough to go for 100 percent. Feza, Annabel, Elikem and Fatima want 75 percent but Oneal wants them to explain why.

11:40 - HoH Elikem is dressed to the nines to present this week's Task brief to the Rubies. He calls them military-style to gather in the lounge.

11:32 - "Me I'm not looking for a boyfriend, I'm looking for a marriage," Beverly tells Bassey. "I've seen it all," she adds.

11:20 - Hakeem tells Cleo about his career; how he's won every contest he has entered and how he photographs well.

10:59 - Selly is excited when the fish tells her to fetch her reward from the Storeroom for conquering her Secret Mission. She finds a box of chocolates.

10:47 - Angelo shows off Elikem's shirtdress while he (Elikem) tells him exactly how to rock it.

10:40 - "I'm not letting you go today," Oneal to Feza. Feza to Oneal; "for a tall person you have such a short neck."

10:35 - Fatima and Angelo desperately call on their fans and various media houses to "do their thang" and vote for them.

10:20 - "I'm not proud, I'm not excited. I don't feel like I've achieved anything yet. I'm always surprised every time I survive Eviction," Hakeem tells a jittery Cleo.

08:50 - HoH Elikem dances in the lounge alone wrapped in a towel and starts chanting shout outs.

08:30 - This morning, fans took to Twitter gunning to keep their favourite Nominated Housemates in the game:

@PreshL24 - @BigBroAfrica I vote for Cleo,Pokello and Hakeem,haters u can go to hell#BBATheChase

@Tershkins - @BigBroAfrica my vote goes to Angelo. Elikem picked the wrong battle #BBATheChse

@nana_mthethwa - Bimp stay strong votin for u n Nando#TeamAngelo @BigBroAfrica #BBATheChase

@wclem0 - #BBATheChase Voting Fatima every hour. Let's save Fatima. Ghana, save Elikem's friend ! :: :: :: :: :: :: Vote Fatima !


  1. I strongly bliv d ghanians will save pokello not fatima

    1. ofcourse Ghana will save Pokello cos Elikem loves her and not Fatima d intruder

    2. I vote for you cleo

    3. Elikem is a player and loves only himself,so I would rather save Fatima,let Pokello go home with her pride!!!

    4. I vote for Angelo,Pokellon and Bimp. Hakeem to go back to Zimbabwe.

  2. Elikem did that because he knows Angelo can survive eviction. he want no more hatred from pple

    1. @anonymous 11: 07 we as S A should understand that this is a game no hard feeling plsssss n strong believe that Angelo will survive , Africa unite one love . together we stand.

    2. You right its jst . At least evry1 shuld taste eviction cos dat maks it a game. S A we votin angelo to show our stenght.

  3. Seriously SA calm down itz jst a game,if not Angelo den who...i bet he did dat with no hatred,Angelo has neva tasted eviction fever b4

  4. Fatima and bimp home. Am voting for cleo hakeem and angelo. Kenya says so.

    1. Voting for Hakeem and Cleo. Just saw Hakeems pictures on facebook. The guy is surely a model. He has what it takes. Kenya for Hakeem. One love Africa

    2. South Africa voting 4 our boy Angelo nd ethopia`s bimb all da way

  5. I Love Fatima and I want to see more of her,I would rather send Pokello n Hakeem home...I hate pride!

    1. Anonymous 11.58. Which planet r u from hating pride. Pity u dear. As a person u have to b proud of yourself. Get a life dear its not too late.

  6. "At this particualar juncture" ONIZ all housemates should be in the house becoz africa say so.Surviving an eviction is the actual game. All free riders whom have never been up for eviction should "start looking at life in a different perspective" SULA end of quotes.

  7. I vote angello he isnt going nway let pokello go she is to much

  8. Um voting for Pokello and Hakeem until 91 days guys we are behind u

  9. Good luck gentle Bimp my vote for you

  10. Pokello til day 91!!pple wnt 2 get rid of u coz u kno de style lnstead thy shld ask u 2 teach them not wntng u gone!vote 4 u gal u rock!

  11. Wats angelo feelin like?is not as if he's sexy luk at wat he's sayin dat annabel is not his type buh dilish.dilish can never be ur type.go get dat ur ugly lukin dread off b4 lukin 4 fine guls

  12. I need votes from Nigeria,zimbabwe n ghana for pokello..if she can get at least 3 or 4 votes from diff countries,she will b saved.she entertains me d way her fellow HM feel intimidated by her person,n this makes dem play d game wit so much drama,even her country boy hates her cos of social class in their society.its really sad..this is one of the problems Africa is facing in real life.

  13. all sadc countries should vote for cleo and hakeem, to see how matured a young woman can be, on resisting a man if he plays double standards. hakeem comes to his senses on wanting others deal with his problems.let them settle arguments on their on, period. they meant for each other.