Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Live Updates - Day 38

16:02 - Asked how his relationship with Cleo matches the characters they are playing in this week's Task, Hakeem simply said; "we are bride and groom to be in real life. It's just a matter of time. Time is of the essence here."

15:55 - "The person I'm with makes me happy, makes me smile, makes me blush," Dillish tells Biggie.

15:40 - "I've never really had a dream wedding but a dream marriage. Whatever my wife-to be wants then I'm down for it," Bimp tells Biggie.

15:00 - The Diamond girls are getting dressed for the Hen Party. It looks like they will be in shorts with black, white and red as their colours but we'll see if they agree.

14:40 - It's time to plan the Stag and hen Parties. The Parties have to be in different parts of the House; there must be speeches, food and costumes.

14:30 - While Feza raves about celebrity reality TV programmes, Oneal draws her attention to the fact that in his house she will never watch any of that. "You will watch news, Discovery channel and those disturbed women," he says. "Women who kill?" Feza queries in shock.

13:47 - Oneal says he feels as though the Wedding Task could start giving Feza ideas yet he doesn't really want to send the wrong message.

13:25 - Ruby HoH Elikem says tonight the guys are throwing Oneal a Bachelor Party by the Jacuzzi with drinks and strippers.

13:17 - Angelo says she misses Maria and thinks they would have been closer if she had stayed longer. He says he won't get with Annabel just because she (Annabel) likes him.

13:09 - Fatima says the Rubies have started accusing her of trying to steal Elikem from Pokello, which irritates her.

12:55 - Diary sessions start with Feza who says she's loving the Task. "My dress is ready, the bridesmaids dresses are ready, the cake and the car are almost done."

12:40 - Feza and Fatima say the Wedding Week has been their best thus far. Fatima says though it's a Task, it could be a sign. "That proposal, I would have cried," Fatima says.

12:10 - Pokello, Beverly and Selly focus on perfecting bride Cleo's golden wedding dress.

10:50 - The Rubies are gunning for Pokello, Selly and Nando. Elikem even strokes Pokello's picture with his finger.

10:35 - It's time for the Crush Wall. Sulu goes first with Pokello and Selly.

10:30 - The Rubies discuss Sulu's ideal woman.

10:17 - Ruby House's resident artist Oneal gets an encouraging hug from his girl Feza as he works his paintbrush on their Wedding car for the Task.

09:50 - Oneal, Angelo and Elikem have spent the morning working on the Ruby House cardboard car for this week's Wedding Task.

09:05 – Beverly, Selly and Bassey turned the Diamond House kitchen into their own personal dance floor doing the robot dance.

09:02 – Elikem rubs some ointment on Feza's aching back. We wonder how here man Oneal is going to feel about this when he wakes. We all know how possessive he can be over his girl.

09:00 – The Rubies were not impressed at all when HoH Elikem woke them up this morning and told them to get to work on their Task. “This is some bull crap,” Feza complained. Annabel stormed off back into bed.


  1. Melvin,bassey,bravely,bimp,oneal are real in the chase.

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