Thursday, July 04, 2013

Live Updates - Day 39

17:10 - "I will always be a Ruby in my heart," Selly tells Biggie. She says she misses the Ruby House and prefers it to the Diamond House.

17:00 – Bassey says, given a chance, he’d love to have a video chat with Sulu. “He’s my best friend in the Ruby House,” he tells Biggie.

16:50 – Hakeem, Bimp and Melvin discuss the final details for what the men will be wearing tonight. “I’ll wear a black suit, you wear grey and everyone else will be in black,” says the groom.

16:30 - Nando says none of the men in the House are alpha-males, he says they are “too soft”. When asked how he describes alpha-males, he said: “you have to be aggressive, know what you want, be very strong, you have to stand up for everyone and never cry. Everyone has to be scared of you.”

16:15 – Bimp tells Biggie that he will “enjoy tonight’s party. It’s going to be great.”

16:00 – Pokello take Biggie through some of the plans for the wedding. Hakeem will sing to his beautiful bride, Bassey will be the priest, there will be a reception followed by an after-party.

15:50 – Nando, Bimp, Bassey and Melvin work on the garden to get it ready for the wedding ceremony. Bassey thinks it best to set the dinner table inside the House, “we can’t eat outside” he says.

15:30 – Selly gives Cleo a manicure in preparation for her big moment tonight. Dillish suggests she wears “the pink lipstick from last night, it looked great.”

15:15 - The ladies of the Diamond House rush to the storeroom to get their gift bags.

15:00 – Elikem says he misses his “second family” back home. He says: “I hope I’ve done them good so far and that they are proud of me.”

14:45 – The ladies of the Ruby House all receive gift bags to help them pamper themselves for tonight’s Task Presentation.

14:30 – “Biggie, we are going to win this one, I’ve never said this in a Diary Session before but I’m confident!” - Angelo

14:10 – Sulu says Oneal serious demeanour makes him the alpha male of the House. “Me, I joke too much, people don’t know when to take me seriously,” he says.

14:00 – Annabel has nothing bad to say about Oneal even after their fight last night. “I think he was just nervous that’s it,” she tells Biggie.

14:45 – Oneal is looking forward to tonight’s wedding, he is worried about his vows though. He is hoping to speak directly from the heart.

13:30 - Natasha is first up in the Diary Room today. She says she is looking forward to the wedding tonight.

13:20 – Melvin threatens to reveal Pokello’s secret too. “What do you have on me? You have nothing on me coz even I have nothing on me,” she says.

12:55 – Melvin first denied kissing Maria but when Pokello revealed that she saw them kiss twice, he eventually admitted to it. Hmmm, what else is he hiding?

12:40 – Bassey and Pokello talk about how Angelo hates being called ‘Rasta Man’ and how he hates it when people touch his hair. “Ah and we have been freely calling him Rasta,” says Dillish, “I guess we must stop now.”

12:20 - Hakeem says the only person who should know what he looks like naked. “Cleo has seen it [his package], many times, she is the only person who has seen it,” he says.

12:05 – Pokello tells Bassey and Melvin that she has seen all the male Housemates naked. “I don’t wake up to see it, I’m just going to the bathroom and the fish tank is transparent you know,” she says.

11:50 – Pokello, Bassey and Melvin discuss the Housemates in previous Seasons of Big Brother Africa.

11:30 – The Diamond Housemates plan Cleo and Hakeem’s wedding. While viewers tweet song requests to Biggie.

11:15 – The Housemates have decided to replace Natasha with Elikem as the Wedding Official but Feza is not too keen to be the one to tell her.

11:00 – Feza is adamant that she does not want an overly religious wedding. “You have to be very careful with words,” she tells Natasha.

10:50 – The Ruby House decide to have an indoor wedding with Natasha as the Wedding Official, Angelo as the Best Man and Fatima as the Maid of Honour.

10:25 – Melvin gathers all the Diamond Housemates to read out today’s Task Brief. “It’s time to prepare for the Wedding Day,” he reads.

10:10 – It is a quiet morning in the Diamond House with most Housemates still fast asleep. Last night’s party is clearly taking it’s toll.

09:55 – Elikem makes breakfast for him and Fatima to share.

09:40 – Fatima is in deep thought this morning with her possible Eviction looming over her head. “This could be my last Thursday here,” she tells Elikem.

09:15 – Fatima: What can I do to help
Elikem: Strip!
Fatima: Huh!?
Elikem: You heard me.

09:00 – Elikem and Angelo discuss the final arrangements for Feza and Oneal’s wedding. Angelo says the cake looks good. “Lets eat it,” he shouts.

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