Friday, July 05, 2013

Live Updates: Day 40

18:10 - "I don't know what to believe", Oneal says when Pokello reveals how Feza put in a request to be swapped.

17:30 - The Diamonds give Annabel and Feza a warm and extra loud welcome. The excitement!

17:10 - Feza tries to say goodbye to Oneal, but he gives her the cold shoulder.

16:50 – Elikem tells Biggie that he has decided to bring Pokello and Selly to the Ruby House and to send Annabel and Feza to the Diamond House. “I asked and no-one wanted to go so I had to make a decision. It’s nothing personal,” he says.

16:20 – Pokello is annoyed that someone has eaten her food. “Elikem will give you food when you move back,” a Housemate tells her. She is certain Elikem will bring her back to the Ruby House.

16:15 – Diamond Housemates sit around the kitchen table discussing the House Swaps.

16:00 – The Diamond Housemates are back home and head straight for the kitchen.

15:45 - Angelo says it's good to be back home after that Arena Showdown, "it feels like it was a good day at the office."

15:25 – Ruby House completes their course in 03 min 05 sec. Biggie gives them a 20sec penalty because Oneal and Elikem went over the net instead of below it. But they still win the showdown with their new time of 03:25.

15:20 – Diamond House completes their obstacle course in 03 min 58 sec. “You guys did good, no disappointments,” says Dillish.

15:15 – Melvin and Pokello kick off the Arena Showdown.

15:05 – The Diamond Housemates arrive. Pokello runs to Elikem to tell him about the House Swap. “We are all fighting, me, Nando and Bimp want to come to the Ruby House,” she says.

14:55 - Ruby House is the first to arrive at the Airtel Arena. Sulu sends shout-outs to all of Africa. "I love you Africa," she shouts.

14:40 – The Houses head out to the Airtel Arena.

14:20 – “Hakeem is going to struggle next week when he’s HoH. There will be none of this sleeping all day,” says Pokello.

14:10 – The Diamond House has decided Nando and Dillish will not take part in today’s Airtel Arena Showdown.

13:55 – It’s time to get ready for the Airtel Arena Games. Elikem reads the brief for how this week’s Showdown will go.

13:40 – The girls of the Diamond House dance in the lounge sharing dance moves from back home.

13:30 – Fatima holds Elikem’s hand as he sleeps on the couch.

13:15 – Annabel, Feza, Oneal and Fatima talk about charismatic churches and prophets back home.

12:50 – Sulu cleans paint off the walls from the HoH Task.

12:25 – Hakeem wins the Diamond House HoH Task.

12:20 – Hakeem helps his ‘wife’ Cleo with her shot for the HoH Task.

12:10 – It’s time for the Diamond House HoH Task.

11:50 – Oneal wins the Ruby HoH Task.

11:35 – Elikem reads the HoH Task Brief to the Ruby Housemates.

11:25 – Beverley excludes Pokello’s from the HoH Task. “She’s leaving either way,” is all she said as an explanation.

11:20 – Natasha uses her ‘Power of No’ to exclude herself from the HoH Task. “Everybody wants to be Head of House and I don’t want to stand in anyone’s way,” she tells her fellow Housemates.

11:15 – Elikem and Angelo’s party continues as they now break out into a freestyle.

11:05 – Sulu finally gets up to join Angelo and Elikem’s party. “This song is nice, it made me wake up,” he says.

10:45 – Elikem and Angelo are having a good time dancing in the lounge. Angelo tells a sleepy Sulu to join them. “Why are you sleeping? Drink and energy drink, no sleeping,” he tells him.

10:35 – Feza and Oneal lie in bed talking about music as they wait for the day’s activities to begin.

10:15 – Angelo and Sulu discuss South African soccer. Sulu was excited to find out that one of his favourite players, Quinton Fortune, is friends with Angelo.

10:00 – Oneal washes dishes as Fatima warms up some of last night’s pizza.

09:45 – Oneal says he is sure Biggie will call Housemates for the HoH Task soon, “so get ready,” he shouts.

09:30 – Oneal says it’s quite funny that when Housemates speak about LK4 they also speak about Koketso. “We don’t know what’s happening outside, the reality could be quite shocking,” he says. But Sulu is hopeful that the couple is still together.

09:15 – Angelo continues to dance in the lounge and sends shout-outs to friends and hip hop artists back home.

09:00 – Cleo washes dishes while the rest of the Housemates continue to sleep. Meanwhile, in the Ruby House, Angelo is off to an energetic start singing and dancing by himself in the lounge.


  1. O'neal shld get over himself

  2. Big u ask us who we think Dellish is crushing on yesterday. I think is Melvin because when Hakeem asked her who she has feel for she said that he is the person she is closer to in the house and that her action will tell after then she gave Melvin a spoon of food in his mouth.

    1. Dellish wants Melvin is obvious:Both are very cute lol Hakeem is going home come sunday!

  3. Melvin bring dillish home... Nor fuck up o

  4. Melvin and maria never really established anything before she left the house,she only told Melvin she has feeling for him since day one and he said really he had no if he develop feeling for Delish and Delish feel the same way,I don't think their will be any problem.

  5. Dellish have a relationship at home so is better she remains faithful to her man.however they could be friends.One love Africa. Naija-Clo-POCOBIA

  6. I thhink the reason why Nigerians are winning BBA is that they are all over the world and they are not afraid to spend money to vote for their representative and their sincere stop the hate and vote for ur country rep if u care or else Niaja will keep winning.

  7. Naija all over Arfrca do not cast ur vote for Hakeem or else he will put Delish,Melvin or Beverly up Although they will be safe but we don't want them up till day 91.