Saturday, July 06, 2013

Live Updates - Day 41

16:45 - "I cherish you more than her," Elikem tells Fatima.

16:39 - "We are not going to the Rendezvous," Pokello tells the Ruby ladies.

16:30 - Elikem and Pokello had a disagreement in the bedroom that resulted in the Ghana man saying: "I don't think I want to go to the Rendezvous". "Fine don't go," Pokello retorted.

16:20 - Selly and Sulu screamed with excitement and started to dance when Cleo's song played in the Ruby House.

16:00 - Fatima played the denial game when Natasha probed her about a statement that she made in the past about Elikem being the type of man that has the qualities that she likes in a man.

15:40 - "I am addicted to Pokello. Pokello brightens up the place like the African sun," said a blushing Elikem.

15:25 - "Annabel is like a blonde. She is too slow for me," says Angelo. Ouch!

15:05 - The Diamonds went crazy with joy after Bimp admitted that he would date Beverly outside of the House.

14:51 - Even though earlier today it looked like all was forgiven, this afternoon Oneal confessed that he is still mad at Feza for the House swap."I cannot say that I am not angry with her," he shared.

14:35 - "I am not only tall I am long too," Oneal tells the Rubies. Whoa, say what now?

14:28 - Pokello tells the Rubies that she wants Elikem to stop farting in public. But she loves the fact that he is not a judgmental person.

14:25 - Natasha tells the Rubies that she has a bush down there. "I have been growing it for 27 years," she states.

14:22 - It's time again for the always entertaining Natasha Picnic Show in the Ruby House. "You can call me Fatty Nat or Mama Africa," the Malawian tells Africa.

14:08 - "The ratio of men to women in my country is five to one so you can have a wife for everyday of the week," Fatima joked to the Ruby lads.

14:05 - The Rubies are all gathered outside enjoying their Saturday afternoon picnic together.

13: 52 - The Diamond Housemates primped and beautified themselves for Africa as they got ready for their Saturday afternoon picnic. "We are about to go live," Bassey and Feza called out to their fellow Chasemates.

12:10 - Bassey confided in Annabel about the girl that broke his heart. "I really really loved her. I still do,” he confessed.

12:05 - Dirty Diamonds they are no more. It looks like the Rubies have finally rubbed off on the Diamonds as the hygiene shy Housemates have spent the day doing some spring cleaning.

Here is what some of you had to say on the Diamond Housemates finally doing some serious cleaning up in the House:

@KgatlhisoR - Oh finally diamond house mates are cleaning their dirty house #BBATheChase

@Bidexcali - Tnx to bassey @certified_empez: !!!!"@EgwuKelechi: The diamonds are finally cleaning #BBATheChase""

@Mzlianne - Spring cleaning in diamond house! HALLELUYAH!!!! #bbathechase

@_Sthokoh - Nice to see the diamonds actually cleaning #BBAtheChase @BigBroAfrica #diamonds

09:45 - Pokello dished to Elikem about the disrespectful way that some of the Diamond dudes spoke about him and how she quickly came to his defense.

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