Sunday, July 07, 2013

Live Updates - Day 42

14:29 - Pokello and Elikem are back on talking terms after "calling it quits" yesterday.

13:15 - Selly tells the Rubies nothing happened between her and Nando. "We just kissed", she says.

12:15 - Fatima debuts a brand new look. She's dyed her hair fire engine red!

10:53 - Sulu and Angelo decide to turn things up a notch by dancing in the garden.

10:12 - The Nominated Housemates get their hair done, in preparation for tonight's Evictions.

09:40 - After a hectic night of partying, the Chasemates decide to sleep in.


  1. grabdpa angelo the guy with a yellow gap btwn his teeth,lmao

  2. Shame you a hater.... Ppl like you keep us loving Angelo even more