Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Live Updates: Day 44

20:30 - The Diamonds talk about booty and hips of the women in the Diamond House.

20:00 - Oneal tells the Housemates that Biggie is testing their mindsets as the game reaches its halfway mark.

19:20 - Bimp gives Melvin a piggyback ride while Nando was thinking hard about his next chess move.

19:00 - The Diamonds discuss their next move on the chess board.

18:30 - Nando chooses to partner up with Feza so they can start playing another game of chess, against Melvin and Cleo.

17:18 - Oneal is speechless when Biggie asks him what exactly he would ask Feza given the chance.

16:50 - Pokello highlights that the only Ruby that has never been Nominated is Sulu and she feels he needs to experience it.

16:19 - Sulu tells Biggie that he feels very safe from Evictions this week because he knows that Oneal wouldn't put him up.

15:59 - Sulu briefs the Rubies on how to play chess. Natasha feels confident to play against him.

15:45 - The Chasemates have to challenge each other in a chess game while the rest continue with the Rubik's cubes.

15:30 - Nando asks to be excused from his Diary session because he is ill. He has been in bed all day.

15:25 - Bimp is shocked to hear that Dillish speaks a bit of Khoisan. She says she grew up in the hood and it's her boyfriend's language.

15:00 - Melvin says he knows the wrath he will face on Sunday if he is Evicted but putting himself up for possible Eviction was the best he could do at the time. "It's a rough gamble I know," Melvin says.

14:49 - "Nominations flatter me because I really don't see what reason people can give for Nominating me," Cleo chuckles.

14:35 - Bimp says Annabel is the one Housemate that's got games.

14:18 - "Me I'm not leaving without your money. I'm taking your money to my country," Beverly.

13:40 - Diary sessions start in Diamond House with Dillish saying she felt down, which could be due to the announcement of Nominations.

12:45 - The Diamonds complete their first rubic cube Task in record time and Biggie blows the whistle in approval.

12:05 - Diamond HoH Melvin confirms that his House Wagers 100 percent for this week's Games Task. The first Task is to create artworks with rubics cubes.

11:39 - This week's Task is all about games; rubic cubes, chess, pool and tenpin bowling. Create their own game for Presentation. The Rubies Wager 100 percent.

11:30 - Something is bothering Pokello and she breaks into tears. Elikem assures her that if anything is wrong, Big Brother will let her know.

10:25 - "It was wrong for Cleo to move that side (Diamond House). It has removed her personality and character," Sulu tells Angelo and Oneal.

10:15 - Sulu says it's time that the Rubies visit the Diamond House before the Party Zone so they (Rubies) can show them "how to behave in someone's House."

09:50 - "Maybe we'll see the Emerald House on Saturday at the Party Zone," Angelo says to Sulu.

09:45 - "Hakeem didn't leave me a t-shirt to sleep in," Cleo laments as she makes 'their' bed.

09:30 - The Diamond guys woke up in a jolly mood this morning as they sing out loud in the bathroom led by Bassey and Melvin. This was after Bassey finished doing his laundry.

09:00 - The Chase fans can't help sending their love this morning:

@kwakunyan - @BigBroAfrica good morning BBA folks.

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  1. #Bigbbathechase*I thaught Oneal is clever but I proved myself wrong after he saved Elikem after he sent his darling Feza 2 Diamond house

  2. Hav u voted 4melvin if no plz do cos he worth it! Man wt a womans heart lol lol! So touchy!! God Bless n protect u.Luv Frm Ghana!

    1. Plzzzzzzzzz team SA,naija,ghana,Zim,Zam,sierraleone,malawi to vote for melvin,he worth the vote he is a real man. No housemates can do what he just did. Up naija keep on voting for melvin non stop.

    2. Melvin all the way.got all my friends voting for him.#TeamMelvin

  3. I thought he will save selly who once saved him. Game! Game! Game!

  4. When i say cleo u say out,cleo out ,cleo out

  5. Oneal did d rite tin by saving Elikem....am luving him nw

  6. Melvin all d way 2 BBA's Bankville.

  7. Selly n Cleo in

  8. This game is not about bif;even if i dont like oneal but he has done well for saving ekikem;its feza who wanted to leave ruby house not elikem's decision.take it with oneal.that girl is playing with oneal's feelings.

  9. Melvin is very real in the chase,well done to oneal to realz that he fall in love with a viper.while annabel for sure must chop the dust. while cleo or selly will follow as well. Pls oneal bring feza back ad send her to eviction as she get the mind of betrayn you.

  10. Cheeeee, make una takamu easy.Melvoo you are on top my vote for you.

  11. Plz let's save nigerian melvin plz.....

  12. Angello + Bev = disaster(Bev dnt deserv Angelo @ ol.ooooh nooo Angelo 4give urself nd do away wit Bev plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  13. Melvin has a good heart . My vote goes to him.You are a real man, no one in that could have done you what you did yesterday.