Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Live Updates – Day 45

19:17 - The Rubies speculated about which Housemates will be swapped in the House swap this Friday. "If we loose Melvin is taking Natasha and Sulu," says Pokello.

18: 52 - As the Rubies sit down to enjoy their meal together Sulu says a prayer asking for blessings for the Housemates in the House and those that have exited.

18:10 - The Ruby Housemates are trying to brainstorm ideas on how to make their Drinking Game good enough to impress Biggie. Hopefully they can pull it off. After all their Wager is on the line.

17: 49 - Melvin got he most crushes from the Ruby House. The Nigerian picked Selly for his Rendezvous much to the excitement of the Diamonds.

17: 45 - Oneal and Angelo received the most crushes from Diamond House. Angelo chose "beautiful Beverly" for his Rendezvous date. While Oneal picked his woman Feza.

17:35 - The Rubies have decided to create a drinking game for tomorrow's Task Presentation. "I will take one for the team," says non-drinker Pokello.

17:10 – The Diamond Housemates get to work on creating their own unique game for this week’s Task.

17:00 – Annabel says today marks two years since his passing and is too emotional to continue her Diary Session.

16:30 - Cleo tells Biggie that losing Hakeem "reminds me that I'm here alone, it's just that there is no one to talk to, I don't have a special connection with anyone in the House."

16:15 – Bimp ends his Diary Session with: “One blood. One love. One Africa. Once more.”

16:00 – “I’m not threatened by anyone, I’m just waiting for my money.” – Dillish.

15:50 – Melvin tells Biggie that he is quite convinced that there is no Emerald House. “We never get to see this Emerald House, we don’t know if they even exist,” he says.

15:25 - Nando kicks off the Diamond House Diary Sessions. Nando says he is 90% sure Melvin saved a nominated Contestant and swapped them with him. "Africa has saved me twice already, but maybe they are tired of saving me," he tells Biggie.

15:20 – Melvin reads today’s Task Brief to his fellow Diamonds. “Housemates will need to come up with a new game to teach Big Brother,” he reads.

15:00 – The Ruby House gets familiar with Table Tennis.

14:40 – Angelo says he really wants to go to the Rendezvous Room with Beverly. “I miss Beverley Biggie,” he tells Biggie.

14:30 – Selly feels Sulu has not been fair to her and that he has not gotten over her going to the Diamond House and her rendezvous date with Nando. “I’ve never like Sulu in a romantic way and he knows this. I just don’t know what to do with this whole Sulu thing,” she says.

13:55 – Natasha says she does not understand Elikem and the games he has been playing with Fatima, Pokello and Selly. Natasha says Pokello confided in her yesterday saying: “This is the first night I feel happy because Fatima is gone.”

13:45 – Elikem is the first Housemate to have his Diary Session today. He says he is looking forward to Friday’s Airtel Arena Games. “That is when I’m in my element,” he says.

13:40 – Selly tells Sulu that she has never been in a fight before. “I have never got to the point where my reaction is a punch,” she says. Sulu finds it hard to believe. “Who did you grow up with?” he asks in disbelief.

13:15 – Natasha is strangely very quiet today. She stands in the kitchen watching on as Selly cooks lunch.

13:00 – Selly calls the boys in to eat but Angelo, Elikem, Sulu and Oneal want to finish their chess game first.

12:25 – Melvin gets the most crushes from the Ruby House. Oneal and Angelo are tied with equal number of crushes from the diamond House.

12:10 – It’s time for the diamond Housemates to select their crushes. Bimp goes for Oneal an Feza.

12:00 - It's Crush Wall time. Angelo selects Beverly while Oneal goes for Feza as he says, "this is so predictable."

11:40 – “I hate to lose. But it’s ok to lose when you are learning,” Elikem says after shaking Angelo’s hand.

11:30 – The chess games continue. Now Elikem is up against Angelo as the rest of the Housemates watch on.

11:00 – Oneal now joins Sulu as his strategist from this chess game against Selly an Angelo.

10:45 – Sulu and Angelo are in the garden engaged in a game of chess as Selly gets lessons on the rules of the game and strategies to employ.

10:30 – Cleo lies in bed with a blank stare. What (or maybe, who) is she thinking about so deeply?

10:10 - Feza does her laundry while Bassey grooms his face.

09:45 – Angelo looks in the fridge for something to eat but can only see Natasha’s food. “Some people and food, they will show you flames,” he says. Oneal and him talk about how Natasha sometimes hides food away from everyone else.

09:35 – “I’m trying to see if I can do hip hop because that’s what you like,” Elikem tells Pokello. She asks him to freestyle about chess but is not impressed with what he comes up with.

09:15 – “People are so defeated that it takes going to church to believe in themselves and that is sad coz it will take another Sunday before you believe in yourself again.” – Sulu.

09:00 - Elikem tells Pokello that he tried to get Biggie to talk about his personal life but to no avail. "He does not come across as emotional, he is straight to the point," he says.

08:45 – Sulu says he is waiting for a good song before he wakes up. “If Biggie plays a nice Zambian song, I’ll get up,” he says as he gets under bed covers.


  1. Goodmorning Africans. I love you all and Bravo to Biggie for the job welldone.

  2. That's coz u wasted most of your time with Hakeem, Cleo. Who said you have to ignore the whole word when you are dating. Leave room for your friends n family next time

    1. Well said,but thats what happens most of the time when ppl go into relationships,they forget abt the rest of the world

  3. Cleo u ve been playin ur games around hakeem is done on u now.

  4. So we wait to see how your game comes up cleo. Evryone knows u a hakeem person they wont bother talking to you i think. Forget hakeem already or get ready to join him.

  5. Whn u find true love nthng else mettas..I dnt blame u gal