Thursday, July 11, 2013

Live Updates - Day 46

18:02 - The Diamonds put the finishing touches on their Game, in readiness for the Task Presentation which is a couple of hours away.

17:25 - Melvin says Nando is extremely short tempered and makes rash, emotional decisions.

17:10 – Nando says he’d like to take Bimp and Feza into the finale. “Bimp looks exactly like my brother. Actually, he’s the coolest brother I never had growing up,” he says.

16:45 – Feza is the first from the Diamond House to have her Diary Session today. She scores their game 9 out of 10 on entertainment. “I would say 10 but ya,” she says.

16:40 – Elikem cuts a T-shirt for Selly to wear. They argue about how baggy the top should be.

16:20 – Angelo tells Sulu to make sure he eats well before they head off to the Arena. “You don’t know when next you’ll eat, if you go to the Diamond House you’ll be eating nothing but cous-cous and onion,” he says.

16:05 – “Angelo is the most loved by all the girls. Nobody hates Angelo.” - Sulu

15:50 – Natasha feeds the fish then stands cheering them on to eat. “Go up and eat. No yellow fish, leave some for the little ones,” she says.

15:40 – After their first run through, the Rubies realise their game is confusing at times. Oneal is getting frustrated with his Housemates, “ah you guys don’t listen,” he says.

15:30 – The Rubies do a run through of their game to make sure they are ready for their Task Presentation tonight.

15:15 - The Rubies are trying to figure out where the different pieces to the game go.

15:05 – Cleo wins the Diamond House Power of No Task.

15:00 - The Diamonds were spray painting parts of their game and writing numbers on them.

14:45 – Melvin reads out the Power of No Task Brief to the Diamond Housemates. Each person will hit a golf ball towards a target, “the closest ball to the hole will win,” he reads.

14:35 – Biggie announces that Angelo is the winner of the Power of No Task.

14:00 – Elikem tells Biggie that he'd like to take Oneal, Melvin, Pokello and Sulu into the Finale. “I just hope I’m a strong player as well, I’m here to win,” he says.

13:40 – Sulu says he does not have a game plan to get him through the game. He is relying on his personality to get him through. “Maybe my game plan is to make people smile,” he says.

13:20 – Angelo says if he could pick a player to be in the finale with, he’d choose Sulu. “He’s been constant in the way he is, his personality has not change. I think he’s a wonderful person,” he says.

13:10 – Pokello kicks off the Ruby House Diary Sessions. “I wasn’t really enthusiastic about the whole thing so I didn’t put much energy into looking for tokens,” she tells Biggie.

12:55 – Pokello and Oneal talk about a mutual friend who is a popular media personality who has worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. “Tich Mataz is a legend, a legend bra,” says Oneal.

12:42 – Bassey is worried about tonight’s Task Presentation. “You guys are not serious you are just eating,” he tells his fellow Housemates.

12:20 – “Hmmm...if I were a token, where would I hide.” – Dillish.

12:10 – Melvin reads out today’s Task Brief. Biggie has hidden tokens around their House. “Whoever finds a token will be afforded a chance to have a video chat session with someone from one of the other Houses,” he reads.

12:05 – The Diamond Housemates discuss nicknames. Beverly like’s the name Sulu Sulu International and Annabel would like to be called Anna-banana.

11:50 – The Ruby Housemates search everywhere for tokens. Angelo is adamant that Biggie would have placed them in very obvious places.

11:15 - Selly lends a helping hand as the boys start blowing balloons and turn them into animals.

11:00 - Oneal and Angelo share ideas on what the game will be called and how it will go.

10:20 - Angelo works on a part of the Ruby House game while remixing songs with Sulu in the lounge.

10:00 – As Oneal works alone on the Ruby House game for tonight’s presentation he sings a song with the lyrics “I want you back”. Could he be singing about a certain Tanzanian Housemate? Hmm…

09:45 – Beverly and Cleo speak about all the excitement of last night. Feza walks in and says she has a headache from it all.

09:30 – It is still a very quiet morning in the Diamond House with most Housemates still asleep.

09:05 – Bassey now moves to the bedroom to make up his bed and get ready for the day.

08:45 - Bassey and Cleo start cleaning the Diamond House with Cleo washing the dishes and Bassey cleaning the cupboards.

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