Sunday, July 14, 2013

Live Updates - Day 49

18:40 - The Diamonds have what they believe to be their last supper.

18:20 - Natasha says she's ready to flip her expensive hair during tonight's Live Eviction Show. "I am going to interview him, he will be surprised," Natasha says of IK.

17:58 - "Maybe there are fake Evictions, I would be so happy," Bassey says to Natasha.

17:49 - Biggie asks all the Housemates to put their luggage in the Storeroom and the Diamonds shout; "Goodbye to the Diamond House."

17:46 - Bassey asks Melvin why he has to take his bags to the Storeroom. Could that give away Melvin's little secret?

17:40 - Natasha says the Big Brother Africa experience has helped boost her confidence and made her stronger.

17:38 - Natasha says being selected as a Chasemate was a dream come true for her and she'll forever be humbled. "Thank you for taking a nobody like me and making me a somebody. I'm very grateful."

17:24 - Pokello is spot-on in her speculation that Oneal Saved Elikem and put up Selly.

17:15 - Elikem says he thinks Oneal saved Natasha because he wouldn't want to do the obvious like Saving him. He says he created the strongest bond with Pokello.

17:05 - Melvin says should he be Evicted tonight, he will have fond memories of his stay in the House. "As a human being not taking risks is a big risk," Melvin says.

16:55 - Eviction Diaries start with Annabel who says she's 50/50 about the Emerald Housemates. Says she might be saved again but doesn't want to be overconfident.

16:30 - Bimp and Selly chat about Pokello and compare her to Feza. The conversation matures to a discussion about Selly's Chase life.

16:00 - Pokello tells Cleo about Elikem's weird sleeping habits.

15:15 - Pokello discusses her fellow Housemates whether to get mouth wash as part of the Ruby House groceries.

15:00 - Feza walks into the Ruby lounge and tells the boys that she's the only one still in yesterday's clothes.

14:45 - Some of the Diamonds sat in the garden sharing stories while the others washed the dishes and cleaned the House.

14:30 - Melvin and Bassey tells the rest of the Housemates to go outside.

14:15 - The Diamonds decide not to choose beer as part of their groceries because they still have some left.

14:00 - The Diamonds choose their groceries on the touch screen.

13:45 - Bassey tells his fellow Housemates that when he goes back home he's going to rent an apartment for himself.

13:30 - Natasha showed the Diamond girls her photos and that of her family. Selly told her that she's very stylish and she confessed that she hasn't always been this big.

13:00 - Selly started packing her clothes and as she did that she came across her family photos so she started looking at them and smiling to herself.

12:00 - It's Pokello's turn to get her haircut and she doesn't seem convinced of what the barber is doing to her head.

11:30 - Elikem teased Pokello because she liked Ghanian music to which Pokello told him to get money for the cows ready because clearly they are destined to get married.

11:15 - The barber tied Cleo's braids as he prepared to cut her hair shorter on the sides.

11:00 - Annabel and Selly discuss the different hair products that are available in Nigeria.

10:45 - The Barber applies cream on Melvin's head while Natasha's hair is being washed in the sink.

10:30 - The plaits on Natasha's hair are off and she gets her hair shampooed.

10:00 - Elikem tells the barber to make sure the line on his head is straight and precise.

09:45 - Dillish tells everyone that her tongue feels so weird, that's how she can tell she's still drunk.

09:30 - The Diamonds sat in bed discussing the events of last night's Channel O Party and the Emerald Housemates.

09:00 - Nando wakes up to Bimp cleaning his(Nando's) puke off the bedroom floor.

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