Monday, July 15, 2013

Live Updates - Day 50

18:45 - The Rubies discuss the Emeralds and if they are a threat or not. Some still feel as if the Emeralds were staged.

18:00 - Has Dillish forgotten Biggie's Rules? Housemates may not wear sunshades in the House.

17:45 - The Diamonds are in a jolly music as they dance to the loud music. Beverly imitates her man, Angelo's classic moves.

17:10 - "I can't believe I've gone this long without TV, I don't think I'll enjoy it the way I used to," Oneal says.

16:00 - The Rubies get their shopping.

15:40 - Feza says Elikem has been sucking up to Sulu as HoH, which was irritating.

15:20 - Oneal tells Biggie that Saving Elikem from Eviction was a strategy to derail him. "I don't make decisions based on what people expect me to do. It wasn't a reflection of how I feel about Elikem over Selly. If anything, Elikem should be worried."

15:18 - Cleo says having Sulu for HoH makes her feel good and safe too.

14:42 - The Diamonds go crazy when they receive their shopping.

14:30 - Biggie's responses on the Emerald House confuse Annabel to a point that she's speechless during her Diary session.

13:59 - Beverly refers to "my Angelo" and Biggie wants her to clarify and she says; "his my man Biggie."

13:47 - Diary sessions start in the Diamond House with Melvin. He says he's happy that Africa saved him last night.

13:45 - Bimp and Beverly play ping pong in the lounge.

12:44 - Sulu and Angelo discuss Sulu and Selly's relationship. "To me it was a game but there was a chance of reality," Sulu says.

12:08 - "Africa got tired of Natasha," Sulu tells Elikem.

11:43 - Beverly tells Bimp what she thinks of Angelo. "I want to discover things about him outside the House. I've even forgotten his face. I just see the dreads, I know the nose", she chuckles.

11:35 - Diamond Nomination Results:
Annabel & Bimp - 4
Dillish - 2
Bassey, Beverly, Melvin & Nando - 1

11:32 - How the Diamonds Nominated:
Annabel: Beverly and Bimp
Bimp: Annabel and Dillish
Bassey: Bimp and Annabel
Nando: Melvin and Dillish
Beverly: Annabel and Bassey
Dillish: Bimp and Nando
Melvin: Bimp and Annabel

11:23 - Dillish Nominates Bimp as HoH and Nando as the HoH's buddy. Melvin also Nominates Bimp for the same reason and Annabel because he's not close to her.

11:20 - "I dreamed that you impregnated Cleo," Beverly to Bimp. "I was so pissed off," she adds, much to Bimp's astonishment.

11:16 - Beverly Nominates Annabel as her least favourite person and Bassey for being calculative.

11:13 - Bassey Nominates Bimp as HoH and struggles with his second before nailing Annabel for being competition. Nando is still mad at Melvin for putting up Hakeem and Nominates Dillish for being a tease.

11:07 - Bimp Nominates Annabel for the same reason she gave and finds Dillish to be competition.

11:05 - In the Diamond House Annabel Nominates Beverly and Bimp. Beverly because she confuses Housemates and Bimp because she hasn't gelled with him.

11:00 - Cleo finds Pokello to be a strong contender and wants to see how Elikem will fair on the chopping block. Angelo Nominates Feza and Cleo because she feels safe with her country-mate Sulu as HoH.

10:50 - Feza can't trust Elikem and says Pokello is an instigator. Pokello Nominates Cleo out of curiosity of how strong she actually is and Feza because she's the weakest link, not entertaining.

10:49 - Ruby Nomination Results:
Pokello - 4
Elikem - 3
Feza, Cleo & Angelo- 2
Sulu - 1
Oneal - 0

10:48 - How the Rubies Nominated:
Sulu: Pokello and Angelo
Elikem: Sulu and Angelo
Oneal: Pokello and Elikem
Feza: Elikem and Pokello
Pokello: Cleo and Feza
Cleo: Pokello and Elikem
Angelo: Feza and Cleo

10:47 - Elikem Nominates Sulu as HoH and Angelo because he's competition. Oneal puts up Pokello for calling herself a member of the All Star team after surviving numerous Nominations. I find it too cocky." He also Nominates Elikem because "I'm no longer fascinated by the whole West African pageantry."

10:45 - Nominations start in the Ruby House with HoH Sulu who puts up Pokello and Angelo. He says Angelo is careless.

10:39 - Feza is tucked in bed looking bored while Oneal takes her through the effects of global warming.

10:30 - HoH Sulu feeds the fish with Elikem's help. Looks like something is worrying them about the fish though.

10:00 - Elikem and Sulu ponder on last night's Evictions and what the future holds for them in the game.


  1. Who will Sulu save??????????????

  2. Its so annoying when oneal n feza come up wit ridiculous reasons to nominate elikem n pokello everytime,cant they for once change d trend?i think their reasons by d day r getting more personal than playing d game...they need to bounce!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Dats y I don't lik pornkelo!she now bragging calling hersef All Stars! Instead of her tanking africa but she didn't know she only has 2countries votes n am sure biggie rigged d votes bcos of d fake emerald housemates dat wants to bring pokelo down.Africa y didn't u guy save hakeem?? Am frm zim but I don't lik pornkelo's attitude.plz biigie bring hakeem bak.

    1. U must really be a dunce for a zimbo...i wonder how many females in ur family have porn star traits.

  5. Botswana,angola,nigeria,malawo,zimbabwe,mozambique,ghana,kenya,zambia nd uganda**plz!plz!plz! Let's save our boy Angelo for more action

  6. Pls u guys should stop taking dis tins personal, pokello callin herself a member of the all stars after surviving d eviction is not enough reason for u guys to hate her. Is a game, Everybody will not win buh that dosnt mean every body will be evicted bf d grand finali. Wat about oneza? wat are they doing in d house? Faza is intimidated by pokello's looks n class.

  7. The game is getting tougher_shiiid!

  8. Rubies pls change ur trend of nomination.I am tired of seein some particular names every monday.oneza d instigators

  9. Pokello is a proud butch.she will soon fall

  10. Its true beauty is in the eye of the beholder,people actually think pokello is a besuty,gosh!tomboy she is?

  11. Pokello is arrogant and she was damn lucky to have survived last eviction,it was by a whisker,I dnt care about elikem he is just playing the game but he s a cool dude..