Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Live Updates - Day 51

18:58 - "Big Brother I want to be Big Sister," Dillish calls out. The Namibian then did her best impression of Biggie.

18:50 - The Diamond Housemates all gathered around the kitchen table to eat dinner together except for Bassey who chose to wash the dishes.

18:15 - Sulu gave a shout out to recently Evicted Selly. "We love you. We miss you and we gotta meet some other time," said the Zambian.

18:05 - The Ruby Housemates went buck wild dancing like crazy as soon as, former StarGame Housemate, Mampi's song started blasting in the House.

16:45 - The Diamonds are singing some old school tracks as they prepare dinner in the kitchen.

16:20 - Oneal comes down hard on Elikem during his Diary session. "My plan is to get rid of him in the House. As he lets his guard down, that's when I'll strike," Oneal swears.

15:47 - Pokello calls Sulu a fake ninja telling Biggie that though he's always punting the Southern Africa card with her, she doesn't believe Sulu Saved her.

15:42 - Feza says she sees a bright future for her and Oneal.

15:30 - Ruby Diary sessions startin the Ruby House. Angelo says Sulu could have put him up for Eviction for all he knows.

15:18 - Dillish says she misses touching man and gestures to Bimp how she'd like to touch a man right now. Beverly says she misses touching a man down there and asks Bimp if she can touch him later today.

15:12 - "She said she was shocked to see us on Saturday yet she also said they watch us on TV sometimes," Bimp queries and this raises eyebrows. "I think we all competing for different prizes," Dillish suggests.

15:09 - "She's too staged. She already knew the questions to ask me. I'm just not buying it," Annabel tells the Diamonds.

15:03 - Busi and Annabel are having their video chat session. The questions are flowing. Busi wants to know about Bimp. Is Busi convincing enough?

14:58 - Elikem can't help sharing his video chat experience with the Rubies. He starts in the lounge before rushing upstairs to tell Sulu and Cleo.

14:48 - Elikem video chats with fake Emerald Housemate Alusa. Elikem has a few questions for him. Is Alusa convincing?

14:28 - Feza burns her fingers in the kitchen and Oneal says she must put lemon or salt to soothe it. Really?

14:18 - "Did you have a fight with water today?" Pokello asks Elikem.

14:08 - Beverly is sulking in the Diary Room and tells Biggie that she hit her eye with a ball.

13:55 - Bassey says he's certain that Bimp put him up for possible Eviction. "I just know, my instinct tells me," he says.

13:40 - Nando tells Biggie that he's having difficulty sleeping but this won't affect him. He says he needs total silence to sleep.

13:36 - Dillish thinks Bassey is the clown because she's making them laugh and says she doesn't know who the Ringmaster is. Never mind Bassey's clearly non-clown-like outfit.

13:30 - Diary session start in the Diamond House. Bimp says Bassey has attacked him at any possible chance because he senses that he's the one that was Swapped.

13:20 - The Chasemates receive Circus props to practice for Thursday's festive Presentation.

12:48 - Dillish aka Sandra performs a trick on Melvin. She reveals his boxers, much to the circus' excitement.

12:42 - Ringmaster Bassey is back and he introduces Melvin the Magician and Anabananas (Annabel) the Bearded Lady.

12:22 - The Diamonds jump into their costumes and Ringmaster Bassey takes a well-deserved break. What do you think of Bassey's performance so far?

11:59 - Biggie calls the Diamonds to the lounge and gives them a lashing for being lax on the Task. They have been warned!

11:52 - Diamond Ringmaster Bassey is the only one wearing his costume in the Diamond House and he is already in character.

11:38 - The Chasemates change into the costumes in the garden and Oneal reminds them that they have to be in character all week. "You have to be submissive to me," Oneal (the ringmaster) tells Feza (the gypsy).

11:25 - A confident Sulu tells Biggie that his House Wagers 100 percent in the week's Task.

11:09 - It's Circus Week in The Chase this week and after much deliberation, the Diamonds go 100 percent.

11:00 - Big Brother calls HoH Bimp to the Diary Room to handover the week's Task brief. It's time for the Wager!

10:30 - Ruby HoH Sulu is dressed for success this morning; formal grey pants and maroon shirt trimmed with blue and a yellow plastic wine glass to complete the look. There's no doubt that he took a leaf from Elikem. Go Sulu go Sulu go!

09:59 - Sulu tells Cleo about how great Oneal's proposal to Feza was during the Wedding Task Week.

09:45 - Angelo wakes to some serious spring cleaning; washing dishes and mopping floors.

09:30 - The Nominated Housemates have been getting so much love from their fans across Africa.

@OyinMavin - As for me n my family, we voting Micheal Barney BASSEY dis week. #TeamMelvin Let's do this. Entertainmt fo dayz! @BigBroAfrica #BBATheChase

@goddie79 - it's that time again VOTE ANNABEL! @bba @BigBroAfrica ug, tz, Kenya, AFRICA I see u ! vote vote #MAJIRANI

@sandy_pkt - @BigBroAfrica am about to vote Pokello again #TeamPokello till the end

@LadyMayNamFans - @BigBroAfrica #BigBroTheChase ANGELO u r not going nowhere

Angelo, Annabel, Bassey, Dillish and Pokello are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote now to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.


  1. I am voting for bassey he is a cool guy , I like him

  2. My vote goes to the rubies pokelo

  3. My vote goes to Bassey and Dilish all D way guysssssssssssssS #TeamMelBev

  4. Oneal again, so self conceited, thinking he has the power to get rid of Elikem, Big fool

  5. votting annabel,#team annabel