Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Live Updates: Day 52

18:20 - Dillish says she wants to be Head of House so she can make serious decisions.

17:45 - The Rubies practice their spectacular Circus act for Thursday night's Task Presentation.

17:22 – Beverly wins the Power of No Task.

17:20 – Bimp reads the Power of No Task Brief.

17:10 – The Rubies have moved inside the House. Feza explains to Sulu that the Housemates do not laugh at him but rather at the way he says things, “it’s nothing personal,” she adds as they paint their circus posters.

17:00 – Oneal asks Feza: “After the finale, are you coming back with me to Botswana?” She says yes and they discuss how the flights will work. “If there is an extra charge, it’s fine, we’ll pay for it,” he adds.

16:45 – Cleo and Pokello work on their hoola hoop routine while Sulu complains that Oneal and Feza took very long to cook last night.

16:25 – Pokello tells Biggie that her and Elikem are being isolated. She feels Sulu has a bond with “Cleo his sister, Angelo his best friend, Feza because she saved him once and Oneal her boyfriend.” But she says she is not fazed by it all. “If Africa believes in you and your game, they will save you,” she says.

16:05 – Feza’s 3 wishes are; 1. A video chat with her son. 2. To win the money. 3. For all the Houses to merge into one. “It’s about time Biggie, I want to meet these other people and it’s stressful thinking if there are other Houses,” she tells Biggie.

15:45 – Angelo has his video chat with Jazz from Kenya. He asks her about Elimination, Crush Walls and their weekly parties. She asks him about Beverly and he says, “yes, that’s my girl”.

15:40 – Bimp also chats to JJ. JJ tells him there was a Tanzanian Housemate who walked out of the game last week. He asks Bimp about Dillish and how serious her relationship back home is.

15:30 – Feza and JJ from the Emerald House have their video chat. He tells her about how The Chase began for them and then asks about the girls of the other Houses saying Emerald girls are not as hot.

15:10 – Elikem says he is struggling with his mood swings. “It happens a lot at home and I usually get on my bike and ride really far,” he tells Biggie.

14:55 – Cleo has observed that “things are one differently here, not all decisions are made collectively”. She feels Oneal’s opinion is highly regarded while others are ignored.

14:45 – Oneal tells Biggie that he fits in well with his Ringmaster role. “Everyone is happy with practicing their pat while I co-ordinate everything,” he says.

14:35 – Sulu and Pokello work on their juggling act.

14:20 – The Diamond House has heeded Biggie’s warning and are working hard on their posters or tonight’s deadline.

13:15 – Bassey confesses to having stolen Annabel’s yoghurt. “But I didn’t eat it Annabel, I put it back,” he tells her.

13:00 – “I don’t have a game plan Biggie, all I have is my Bible and you.” - Beverly

12:45 – Melvin kicks off the Diamond House Diary Sessions for the day.

12:25 – The Diamond Housemates sing together as they design their posters for their circus.

12:05 – The Diamond House decides to call their show The Diamond Circus.

11:40 – The Diamond House gets going with their preparation for their magic acts and posters for this week’s Task. “We are doing it or Africa, so it must be worth watching,” says Melvin.

11:30 – Sulu reads the Task Brief for today. Housemates must make advertising posters for their circus by the end of the day. “A circus with no marketing is no circus at all,” he reads.

11:20 – Diamond House Crush Wall Results: Angelo won with 6 votes, Busi comes in second with 4 votes and Sophie and Alusa both got 2 votes.

11:15 – Busi from the Emerald House seems to be a popular choice with Melvin, Bimp, Dillish and Nando all selecting her on the Crush Wall.

11:00 – Ruby House Crush Wall Results: Beverly wins with 6 votes, Annabel got 5. JJ from the Emerald House got 2 votes and Eveva only has 1 vote.

10:55 - Pokello ignores Angelo's request for her to select Annabel and Beverly. She selects JJ from the Emerald House. After much contemplation Elikem selects Eveva, also from the Emerald House.

10:45 – It Crush Wall time. Oneal selects Annabel twice. He then tells the rest of the Housemates that Emerald House has been added to the Crush Wall.

10:30 – The fish starts talking to Bimp. It tells him that there is another token that will allow him a video chat with one of the other Houses. “But you can’t tell anyone else that I’m talking to you or that I told you about the tokens,” it tells him.

10:15 – Dillish, Bassey and Melvin talk about life back home. Dillish says she is tired of paying rent, she wants her own house now. Melvin thinks she is rushing it because she is only 22 years old. Bassey wants his own place but says he’s not sure if his mother would let him move out.

09:50 – Oneal and Feza talk about apologies, forgiveness and their relationship. “I’m not trying to make you feel stupid as you keep saying, I’m trying to make myself understood,” Oneal says to Feza.

09:30 – Biggie announces that “hot water in no longer available”.

09:15 – “Rubies have never lost a wager and we want to maintain that,” says Sulu as he and Angelo speak about how Housemates are starting to lose their team spirit.

09:00 – Bassey is up and about early this morning. He cleans up the outside area of the Diamond House.


  1. I love Bassey and as fo EVEVA I haaaaattte you gal.

  2. Can bigbrother look carefully into Nando's infection it can ruin his heath further.

  3. much luv 2 bassey ad am voting 4 u

  4. Bassey and Dillish are save. Don't like the idea of Emerald house.

  5. Nando mst jst go to hospital period. Emerald house wil cause chaos y a they including them. It all started as a lie now this I hate this decision Biegggggggggi

  6. Melvin is always on point.ride on my bro

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