Thursday, July 18, 2013

Live Updates - Day 53

17:15 - Sulu is in a very good mood. He amde up a song about the Rubies while dancing in front of fellow country mate Cleo.

17:05 - The Ruby Housemates practise their theme song for Tonight's Presentation. "Africa is a Ruby, Ruby."

16:39 - The Diamond Housemates get back into the full swing of their rehearsal since they are done with Diary Sessions.

16:25 - Beverly feels honoured to be in South Africa and she hopes to have Nelson Mandela's sense of courage.

15:51 - In her Diary Session today, Dillish said that she is impressed with herself; that she has lasted this long in the Big Brother House.

15:33 - In his Diary Session today, Nando shared with Biggie that he is inspired by Bassey's spirit. "I like it when someone is living his life. He's just wild 24/7."

15:24 - Bimp shares that what's on his mind is his hope for fate to take control. He's talking about his Save and Replace decision this week.

15:03 - When Biggie asks Melvin about the Diamond House progress on their Task, he seems to have a lot to defend.

14:38 - HoH Bimp read out Biggie's instructions on tonight's Task Presentation. Beverly listened intently, but admitted that the Diamonds are skating on thin ice this week.

14:25 - Big Brother called the Diamond Housemates to the lounge to await further instruction.

13:45 - Oneal thinks AngeloFeza will be part of the top five Housemates in The Chase. Do you agree with him?

13:28 - "It's about time I learn to handle my life in the Big Brother House as a man," said Sulu when Biggie asked about how he feels about revealing his 'Save and Replace' decision on Sunday.

13:20 - Biggie consoled a teary eyed Cleo who shared with him her troubles with Feza and Oneal during her Diary session.

13:05 - "She is selfish," Feza says about Cleo. "I like her. She is not a bad person but she just needs to change a few things," insisted the Tanzanian.

12:53 - "This should be one of our best Presentations," Pokello boasts to Biggie in the Diary Room. Let's hope she is right, after all there is the Housemates' 100% Wager at stake.

12:31 - The Diamonds have also been keeping busy practising their Circus act for the Task Presentation tonight. Ringmaster Bassey looks to be having the most fun playing around with the hula hoops.

11:47 - How fun are the Rubies? Out of nowhere the Housemates just started dancing and jumping around the House singing "Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!"

11:25 - The Rubies have been working hard on a theme song for the Circus show that they will put on tonight at the Task Presentation. "Ring master Oneal controlling the show. Always worrying about global warming. These are a few of our favourite things," they sang.

10:56 - Ruby House hula hoop girls Pokello and Cleo headed outside to practice their sexy moves for tonight's Task Presentation.

10:28 - A hard working man is what Oneal is. The Tswana fellow headed out into the garden to continue working on the Rubies' advertising boards for the Circus Task. Do you think the Diamonds and the Rubies have worked hard enough to win their Wager tonight or have they been sleeping too much?

10:10 - It's grooming time in the Ruby House. Ruby ladies Feza, Cleo and Pokello all spent some time prettying themselves. Not to be outdone, Oneal also joined in on the grooming action.

09:28 - Angelo and Oneal work on sculpting their muscles in the Ruby living room.

09:24 - Head of House, Sulu clearly likes being a hands on kind of leader. He got up early to clean up in the Ruby House.

09: 18 - Ruby lovers Oneal and Feza share their views on making it this far in The Chase while in bed and how being in the House will grow their following on Twitter.

09:00 - Bubbly Bassey is clearly feeling as right as rain this morning. As he went about his daily cleaning up and dish-washing routine in the kitchen the cheerful Diamond clucked like a chicken and sang out "Good morning, good morning to you," in a high pitched voice.

08:15 - The Rubies seemed to really enjoy working up a sweat this morning with the Big Brother fitness trainer.

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  1. Feza what has my Cleo done to u again ooo, first it was Betty, then Pokello now its Cleo. they all seem to have the men u like, am pretty sure ur not into Oneal pls stop hitting my cleo.