Friday, July 19, 2013

Live Updates - Day 54

19:10 - The Chasemates gathered the alcohol that they have left for a little drinking session in the Ruby bedroom. Uh-oh, we can only imagine what kind of shenanigans they will get up to tonight.

18:52 - Sulu and Elikem try to figure out just how Both Houses ended up losing their Wagers.

18:25 - After winning the HoH Task in the Diamond and Ruby House earlier today, Bimp and Angelo will have to battle it out in the Head of House Face Off Task tomorrow. Who will be crowned ruler of the Ruby House?

18:20 - Biggie congratulated the newly Merged Housemates on making it until this point of the game. He reiterated that Sulu will remain as the official Head of House until Monday.

18:02 - "I don't know how anyone can live like that. It was a pig sty," says Busi to Elikem about the Diamond House.

17:30 - The Rubies get back to their House to find the bedroom redesigned. Angelo books the corner bed for himself and Beverly.

17:24 - Bimp and Beverly still have their doubts about the Emerald Housemates. "I still have that 10 percent doubt," he says.

17:20 - "Let's go to the Ruby House in true Diamond fashion," Bimp suggests. Meaning that they must pack all their foodstuffs.

17;17 - The Ruby Housemates are next to leave the Diamond House.

17:10 - Sulu brags about being the overall HoH. "That's my House. I'm HoH there. I'm everyone's HoH," he clarifies.

17:08 - The Chasemates are confused when Biggie asks the Rubies and Diamonds to stay in the Diamond House while the Emeralds are told to stay in the garden. "What if we leave and never come back?," Busi pretends to be worried as Bimp and Nando say their goodbyes.

17:05 - "Is you accent a bad habit," Busi asks Bimp.

16:50 - Emeralds Sophie and Busi get to know Nando and Bimp a little bit better in the garden.

16:40 - Sulu and Nando tell Busi that she has to leave her boyfriend issues outside and enjoy the Big Brother Africa experience. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime, have fun."

16:30 - Looks like we're having a singing competition in the House right now. The melody is awesome.

15:45 - The guys want to know who is taking and who is available amongst the ladies in the House. Bimp makes it clear that he will never get with anyone in the game.

15:25 - The Housemates have no doubt that there's no sleeping tonight. There's a lot of catching up to do.

14:43 - The Rubies, Diamonds and Emeralds are now in the Diamond House where they find a long table set for them in the garden.

14:22 - Big Brother officially announces the Merger of the Ruby, Diamond and the Emerald Houses and everyone is moving into the Ruby House till the game ends.

13:57 - The Challenge has started and so far Sulu, Melvin, Nando, Bimp and JJ have gone through the paces.

13:50 - Biggie's ninja demonstrates how the challenge goes.

13:35 - Bassey freaks out when fake Emerald Jazz tells them that there's a washing machine in the Emerald House.

13:30 - Eveva tells her Zambian people that she's been up for Eviction all the time.

13:25 - The Emeralds invade the Airtel Arena much to the surprise and excitement of the Chasemates.

13:20 - Beverly and her beau, Angelo hug and kiss. "I dreamt about you," Angelo tells her.

13:15 - The Rubies land in the Airtel Arena and there's a lot of catching up going on among the Chasemates.

12:59 - The Diamonds are so excited to arrive first at the Arena. Of course it's time for shout outs.

12:40 - Bassey tells Beverly that he wants to move back to the Ruby House because Bimp doesn't like him.

12:20 - The Chasemates are curious as to why they have to leave so early to the Airtel Arena. Aren't we all?

12:10 - The Chasemates get ready to hit the Airtel Arena. According to Biggie's brief, they have to be in their Airtel soccer kits.

11:50 - "That means we're not merging any time soon," Dillish says after Biggie announces next week's HoH.

11:47 - Bimp wins Diamond HoH for the second time in a row.

11:45 - Angelo is the Ruby HoH for next week.

11:33 - The Rubies take part in the HoH race Task and after Sulu and Angelo battle it out to the end, Angelo is the eventual winner.

11:30 - Beverly excludes Annabel from taking part in the HoH Task because she is Nominated. "No reason, Biggie said I should give a reason," Beverly says.

11:25 - Cleo exercises her Power of No on Feza because she has been HoH twice already. This means Feza will not be taking part in this week's HoH Task.

11:20 - Pokello ponders about her son's promising soccer career. Sulu can't help being envious that the young lad is going for trials in Spain.

11:05 - "Only two countries are out of The Chase; Malawi and Angola, the rest of us are still in the running," Cleo says as the Rubies chill in the lounge.

10:30 - Sulu prepares breakfast under Angelo's supervision. Are these two friends or foes?

10:00 – Angelo jokes with a sleepy Oneal. “Hey brother, I’m just getting ready to go to the mall to meet the boys,” he says. “Bring back some groceries, especially for next week,” Oneal replies.

09:45 – Angelo is excited about today’s Airtel Arena games but Sulu is not looking forward to it. Last night’s loss seems to have taken the wind out of this Zambian Housemate.

09:30 - While the Chasemates snooze away this morning, Africa is and has been rallying behind the Emeralds who are set to join the Chasemates today.

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  1. Am so hating the Emerald house mates like seriously biggy especially Eveva.

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