Saturday, July 20, 2013

Live Updates - Day 55

16:30 - Feza says the hairdressers must bring the hair piece that she wants and they must be prepared to do her hair right.

16:00 - The Housemates are treated to a hairdo and they are all shout in jubilation.

15:30 - All the Chasemates are indoors and are chatting away as they eat a late lunch.

15:00 - Eveva tells Dillish and Pokello that they had a TV in the Emerald House where they could see all the Rubies and Diamonds and that's how they knew about them.

14:30 - Nando defends his wild ways by saying that he never lies about his intentions to the ladies, much like he didn't lie to Selly.

14:00 - Pokello is under massive scutiny on Bassey's talk show. She was asked to talk about the new guy Alusa.

11:30 - Annabel, Beverly and Sophie talk about the fact that people are bound to step on toes now that there it's a full house.

11:00 - Bimp win the Head of House Face-off challenge and is set to be leading the pack next week.

10:30 - Melvin and Beverly tell Busi that South African women have booty and hips.

10:00 - Busi emerges from the room dressed up like she's going to an important cocktail event and so Eveva starts teasing her by complimenting her look.

09:32 - Eveva tells Busie that the South Africans must be grateful for Mandela because he fought for all of them to be beautiful and cute.

09:30 - Alusa and JJ are playing for the highest score on a game of Table Tennis.

09:00 - Beverly and Sophie are sitting in the garden talking about their weight gain and loss.

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