Sunday, July 21, 2013

Live Updates - Day 56

18:50 - Sulu addresses the Housemates about microphone infringement. He says Big Brother has issued a stern warning against this.

18:10 - Eveva plays a pregnant village woman while everyone spruces themselves up for tonight's Eviction.

17:40 - Sophie says she finds Nando quite interesting and what you see is what you get with Pokello.

17:28 - Had an issue with Oneza but everyone else is cool. Still finds it difficult to gel with Dillish and Nando and surprising finds Pokello cool.

17:20 - For the first time I'm really not sure but maybe five out of 10.

17:14 - Eviction Diary sessions start with Bimp who says he hopes that he made the right decision with his Save and Replace.

14:56 - Bassey tells Feza that instead of waking up early to motivate his Housemates; Bimp spent his time as Head of House sleeping during the day. Wow, is Bassey right about Bimp? And will the Ethiopian be able to handle 19 raucous Ruby Housemates come Monday?

13:54 - Emerald Housemates Busi and JJ have been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen while Bassey has taken on the role of executive chef, overseeing everything.

12:54 - Sulu has been keeping himself occupied by cleaning and mopping up in the Ruby House. Wow, the Zambian clearly takes his role as a leader very seriously. Have you ever seen a more hands on HoH?

12:25 - Eveva hit the Ruby garden with her guitar in hand and has been keeping her fellow Housemates entertained with an impromptu performance.

12:00 - Biggie’s army of stylist have spent day the pampering the Nominated Housemates.

10:15 - Zimbabwean cutie JJ turned the garden into his private outdoor gym. The crafty fellow used the pots as his dumbells and made use of the chairs for press ups. Now we know how he maintains that hot body of his.

09:00 - Bimp and JJ took a trip down memory lane, looking through the Zimbabwean's family photo album.


  1. thn why did u put dillish pic if she is nt the 1 u whr tlkin' abt? Big smtms oh!

    1. Mydear,don't mind d body.

  2. Dellish ur chase end here with IKs voice lmao gudluck to the nominees