Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Live Updates - Day 58

18:15 - The Housemates try to make their movie characters come to life.

16:30 - Eveva tells Biggie that she thinks that she is too much for her Housemates because she has a fun personality.

16:12 - Oneal feels that if the HoH doesn't pull his weight, it directly affects the possibility of the group winning the Task.

15:45 - Feza tells Biggie that her team needs to stick to what they've all agreed in order to have a great movie and ultimately win their Wager.

15:10 - Elikem suggests that the main character in their movie tells the girl he's going to save that he's coming back for her.

14:35 - Eveva advised Annabel to have a bit of faith when Annabel told her that she is worried that she's Nominated again this week.

14:13 - Elikem tells Biggie that he has seen very strong characters leave The Chase and so if he goes home on Sunday, it won't mean he is a loser.

13:55 - In his Diary Session, Sulu tells Biggie that he has a feeling that he has been put up for possible Eviction this Sunday. He says that he'd like to spend his birthday in the Big Brother House, so he hopes that he's still around then.

13:40 - Jazz acts as the director. Eveva isn't really a convincing 'lady of the night'.

13:03 - Bimp says that he feels the Housemates are doing their best to ensure that they win the Wager this week. He doesn't want a repeat of last week's results.

12:58 - Annabel also says that she suspects that Bimp Saved Cleo and Replaced her with Sulu or Oneal.

12:56 - Annabel confesses to Biggie that she was really emotional after the Nominations announcement last night. She was really upset that she keeps being Nominated.

12:46 - Big Brother calls Melvin to the Diary Room for his Session today. The first question is around last night's Nominations.

12:19 - It's really interesting to see the creativity in stories among the Housemates. Both teams are still in full conversations about the 'What, When, Who, Why and How' of their movies.

11:55 - The Housemates get straight into a brainstorm around story ideas for their movies.

11:35 - Jazz chooses to play a Russian pimp. Interesting!

11:23 - Biggie calls the Housemates to the garden to check out their Ghandour Task elements.

11:10 - The Housemates unanimously decide on an 100% Wager. They have done this before, but will it work in the Merged House?

10:50 - Busi teaches Melvin and Beverly how to pronounce the word Xhosa and emphasized the clicks.

10:30 - Elikem and Melvin confirm that they are hustlers every day of every week.

10:10 - The boys help the girls as they start preparing for breakfast in the kitchen.

09:45 - Eveva starts to put hot stones on Sulu's back, lining them all the way down to his ankles.

09:25 - Eveva prepares the lounge for Sulu's massage, she laid the Airtel blanket on the couch and told him to lie on his stomach.


  1. poor Anabanana,voting u rockergal

  2. yee girl ! my vote is for anabel

  3. Annabel is a bitter woman that's why HM will keep noominating her.

  4. Mr. Fault Finder Oneal, mind your biz and leave HOH alone